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I had the same problem. Good supply, got 8-9 oz when pumping if lucky. I used a manual Avent pump.  A few strategies that did work...pump between feedings..or have DH give milk in bottle from freezer stash while you pump. Carrot juice with wheat grass caused AMAZING letdown.  I also drank MOthers Milk tea..that seemed to help some too.  I found the best was when I pumped at work.
We had ONE can because I needed to pump to build up supply to go back to work - I didn't produce alot - enough to feed her but couldn't pump huge amounts at a time. After the second time she spit it back at DH and I couldn't get the stain out of his robe, I tossed it in the bin.
Agreed on all counts!
Yes we rent too not buying.  And PP's make it about ethics as much as you want but its about finances not ethics. I pay money back when I owe it...but what happens when im not told all the details of the loan, then when I want to change the agreement and am told too bad so sad..also, read the fine print. Mortgages have an out clause.    
Um actually that is the prevalent interpretation but is actually incorrect, that was not the sin of Soddam and Gomorrah, if you go back to the original translations, their sin was being self centered, arrogant and not humble.  That instead of helping his visitors, he pawned it off.    Just like "suffer not witches to live" is a mistranslation of the original greek that should have been translated "suffer not POISONERS to live"...big difference  
also, if you are okay with younger girls..find out what schools and summer camps are running Counselor and Babysitting in Training programs. They certify the kids with a Red Cross program that includes first aid, child care instruction, etc.  My daughter is doing that this summer. I can see how she has really grown and learned alot about herself and about whether she is up for the job.
Contracts have NOTHING to do with morality. they are contracts. Legal documents. Your credit would not be that damaged. Most credit agencies, while they note you are not paying, if you are paying all else on time, will not completely ruin your credit. It will go down some but not terriblly.  A mortgage is a contract and a contract can be rendered null and void.  People seem to have a mystical idea that because its a HOUSE, its different. Nope, its a financial decision...
You will not like my answer. I think he is HUNGRY..I think he still needs sustenance during the night.  My dd nursed thru the night till well over 2 years old....Unless he is eating a LOT of foods, he needs the milk. my opinion of course...
Personally, I LIKE that the threads are moderated.  Im not on Facebook - one reason is that people get really super ugly there and think nothing of it.  Thanks Adina!
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