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I voted 15 minutes only because you included time spent checking that day's work. I probably spend 15 minutes or less, total, checking work throughout the day. Prep time is very little to none. Usually only when I'm teaching a hs group class, or my kids are doing some big art or science project the next day, I'll make sure I have everything I need and we're ready to go. Otherwise I spend roughly 15-30 minutes on Sundays prepping for the next week, and 2-3x a...
I'm looking for a cookie recipe that utilizes only maple syrup, honey, or a combo of the two. I did a quick search and can only find recipes that also include sugar. Anyone have a tried and true recipe with only ms and/or honey?
Our teacher does 10 week sessions. It's $405 for a 45 minute lesson once a week, $300 for a 30 minute lesson. We travel to her house.
I, also, enforce a bedtime. They are not required to sleep, but they must be in their rooms and quiet. I stay up late so this gives me 2-4 hours at night to myself. This is the only time I have to myself and I really need it.
Roughly the same thing I tell adults, that this is what works best for our family. One difference is that, with kids, I really try to stick with answering only what they've asked, and also sticking only with the mechanics of homeschooling (yes, ds does math, science, etc) and no mentions of the more emotional reasons we homeschool (Ds is so much happier since he left school). In other words, I'm careful to not give them too much ammunition to go to their parents saying...
We have both of the aforementioned History and Science books, as well as the one on World Religions. Love them. The internet-links are very helpful, it's nice to not have to search out appropriate sites myself. The layouts are very kid-friendly, interesting and appropriate illustrations, informative text. My ds is outgrowing the World History Encylopedia, but we got several good years out of it. This is dd's second year of using it, and I anticipate getting at...
Both the 6 year old and the 11 year old do one exercise a day unless..... the work is really difficult for them, then we'll divide it up to decrease frustration. the work is really easy and they want to do more.
Sculpy rocks! I buy the white in the larger packages so they can paint it as well.
We have one kid in our group who is hs'd by her nanny. The child is older, at least 13, and it seems to work for her. The nanny is a former elementary school teacher. As far as I know the job is full time and the nanny is completely in charge of the hsing. The mother picks out the curriculum (I believe they use K12 or another all in one curriculum) and gets updates, but the nanny does all of the execution, as well as taking the child on field trips and get togethers...
You find yourself wondering if watching "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" counts as "history".
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