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I highly recommend Brett Mentuck of happy doula in Salem. Www.happydoula.com. You can see some written reviews for her on doula match.com Jill
I sent you a fb request! And invite to the group:)
Hi Songbird!  I don't know what made me check here today, but I just saw your post.  I'm not here very often at all but Crafty McGluestick (Mary) started a Facebook group for us all.  Are you on FB?  If so, I think I can figure out how to invite you in. Hope all is well with you too! jill
I need advice to help get my 5 week old to sleep in his bassinet (or anywhere else besides in my bed!) he sleeps great, but I do not. What can I do? He cries the second he goes in it. Swaddled or unswaddled. We have a sound machine and I have tried white noise and the heart beat too. Other ideas ?
Banana: hoping you made it through the move! Edelweiss: it definitely sounds like your body is capable of making this work and so are the boys. So great that you have the extra milk too Coffee and others re: sleep/wake- same issues here. Some nights babe gives a good 4 hour stretch at night others he is up every 2-3 and very awake and gassy! Usually though he is up and feeding non stop from 6-10pm. On that note- with all my concerns about supply, babe weighed in at 8 lbs...
Sky cheat: glad to hear you had a good day! Banana: good luck with the move. Hope all goes as smooth as possible. Thanks for the paci recs. ill order a couple and try them out. Never used with DS1, he hated them. Also having a Ton of trouble getting babe to sleep anywhere but on or next to me. Not the rocker. Not the swing. Hardly in the carseat. Definitely not in the bassinet, swaddled or unswaddled. What to do? Wait it out? We're co sleeping but I don't really want to.
Just posted in the words of encouragement thread started a couple of days ago, so I won't repeat myself completely. But you may want to read making more milk by Diane west. The combo of supplements I use include: Alfalfa Mothers love special blend with goats rue Milkmaid tea ( different than mothers milk which I used the first time without success) I am still supplementing some on Sns and bottle ( I alternate because the Sns is such a pain)
Thought I would jump in. Cynthia: my experience with DS1 was very similar to yours. I did not have the same diagnosis, but had a breast reduction in my 20,s. first time I gave up on SnS pretty quickly. I would BF then follow with a bottle. After going back to work I could pump just enough for maybe one bottle a day of BM the rest was formula. I would bf in the morning and evening. I stopped at 14 weeks it was just too much. I took fenugreek and mothers milk tea. I found I...
Uggg, Crafty! Having to monitor/supervise grandparents is worse than taking care of the kids! I hope your FIL behaves, and DH and MIL support you. Mama: I hope you get some back relief soon. Mine has been intermittently freezing up, I think because if all the sitting and nursing. Which, leads me to my next point. Feeling like a human pacifier. I know this is normal and I am soothing babe, but I am ready for a substitute to give me a break. He would not go to sleep last...
Love bending over, being able to put on my own shoes, get out of bed without needing a forklift, reaching things in my cabinets, holding my toddler on my lap and wearing regular clothes!!
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