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Bump 😊
In need of some activities for my 15 month old. We're still in the 'put in mouth' stage (thats why half the crayons are broken :P) I seem to be running out of new ideas, and google isn't much help lol. Thanks in advance
Hello! Just wanted to up date all you ladies on my progress! I'm 11 days over 8 months! I'm really enjoying this process! Such a freeing experience 😊❤️✌️
Looking to start a peaceful parenting Play group in Rice Lake, WI (Barron County). We tried a playgroup today and was less than thrilled (a woman swatted my 1 year old 😡) I think I need to be around parents that are more peaceful! If your around the area and would be interested let me know! 😄
Happy Mothers day everyone! Sitting down enjoying a cup of tea and a joint while the LO is sleeping with daddy A great start to a first mother's day!
Actually there are already cannabinoids in breastmilk And they are pretty important in the beggining for establishing a supply. http://www.theweedblog.com/does-breast-milk-contain-cannabinoids/
  Hello!  These are my 1 month old dreads (and my daughter).  My OH and I are both on the dreading journey, it's been really neat to see two different processes but so far both are doing awesome!
Movie screening at Camille's Sidewalk Cafe this Thursday (March 14, 2013) in Chippewa Falls :)   http://wwchildbirthcoalition.org/
Hello everyone!  I'm just starting the wonderful dreading process again :)  I love looking at all your ladies pictures in this and is the 2012's forum, you all have some seriously beautiful dreads!  If anyone is interested I started a private facebook page called Dready Mamas that would be a lot like this forum (parenting styles).  If anyone is interested here is a link  https://www.facebook.com/groups/353602928089387/ Have a great day everyone!  I'm gonna go enjoy this...
Jessica Kirkwood Weaver lives about an hour away from Rice Lake.  She was there for our birth 6 months ago and she was a wonderful lady!  We also birth in Rice Lake and the drive was not a problem for her :)  Also I believe they have a midwife in Barron clinic but I have never heard any good/bad on her.  We absolutely loved our homebirth!  Its an amazing experience!  Good luck and Congrats!!   http://rootsbirth.wordpress.com/
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