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In response to fluffy co-ops - I meant co-ops that sell cloth diapers and other fun baby stuff. I'm also hoping to find a food co-op for fruit and vegetables.
Hi. I can't figure out how to get notifications so I have missed responses. We just got to town but are living in a sea of boxes. I will be trying to go to the RVC Rec in a few weeks for Roll Around Fun.  I will also be looking on Meetup. Keep in touch.  
I just relocated from Washington and I was wondering if anyone is near me! We are a military family and my husband is deployed. I'm hoping to find other like minded mothers.
It is saying that I don't have permission to PM. But I was able to edit my post and add the links to the text. If you can see the words "The first" and the "The second link" have the hyperlinks on them.  
Can we not post links?  
Here are some links that will help. The first is a run down of the course and what's included in every week. While the workbook is very helpful I believe it can be done without it. The second link is a shortened schedule but just ignore the fact it's shortened. Just keep alternating for 7 days. Listen to each of your tracks once while not in hypnosis so you are sure you understand the material. Use the practice that is listed on the second link for each week. If you...
I'm moving to RVC from Tacoma, WA in January and wondering if any new groups have sprung up since then! I was also wondering if there are any fluffy co-ops in the area.  
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