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Hi moms, I am planning to start the "couch to 5k" program. I am still nursing and wear a 32ddd bra. I am looking for sports bra recommendations. I cannot find anything that fits locally so I will be ordering online. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
We went through a similar situation. My advice is "don't worry, be happy". It was hard at first but alone time with daddy really strengthened their bond. We are all better off. Needing money sucks.
My older child slept with us and I sat with her while she napped until she was about 2 then we worked on napping alone. It didn't go well. It is sleep training... I would lay with her until she was asleep and run in to cuddle every time she moved. She stopped napping by the time she was three. What really changed night time for us was getting her a full size bed. I was able to lay with her easily, and if she was upset at night one of us would sleep with her. She is almost...
Many people have said to me "if they are old enough to ask for it they are too old to be getting it". She is not yet two. I say " she has always asked for it, she just didn't use words.
I did it once in middle school because I thought I had a lot. I was embarrassed after a boy in my class made fun of me. I never did It again because it itched and I hated the prickels. Maybe she is having some body hair shame. I know I did.
You should speak with your school psychologist or social worker or both. They can help you with your parents, education, prenatal care advice etc. A teenage boy cannot help you much now. Seek out support from those who can.
Thanks. I will read it. I would love for her to potty train. I am so surprised by her desire. Tonight, I walked into the bathroom and she screamed "pee-pee"
I have a five year old daughter and an almost 18 month old daughter. My older child did not potty train until she was almost 3, we tried at 2, to no avail. Now, my younger child is showing signs of interest. She pulles off her diaper to pee without one in the morning (if she has no pants on). And she brings me claen diapers before she wets regularly. Could she be ready? Its so much earlier than my first. It seems too good to be true.
I would wait until after the birth. You probably won't be going out much so risk of catching pertussis is really low. I asked my close relatives and frieds to get the vaccine early.
You could try miralax instead of colace. I am not sure if it can be used during pregnancy but I know it works better than colace and my mother has been taking it for years without problems. I use it occasionally when the "roids" act up. I also use witch hazel soaked tp and blot instead of wiping. It seems to help with some of the discomfort. I feel your pain. Get well.
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