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I have a sick 4 year old. She has been throwing up for a couple hours. I had this bug a few days ago. It was awful. I am currenty nursing a younger child that has not gotten sick. My question is, could my 4 year old benefit from some breastmilk?
I had an infection like this in both breasts. It was very hard to get rid of. I took antibiotics for months. It started with mastitis that didn't fully clear up. I thought it was thrush then I assumed latch problems, I was wrong. I also had some breast tenderness but only when they were examined.  
Hi, I am in the Monroe area. I know there is a midwife at the Monroe hospital but I ended up making the drive and using UW health midwives in Madison. I loved them and was able to have a water birth at Meriter hospital. Good luck!  
I have had chronic mastitis since about week after my daughters birth she is almost 5 months old. I have been taking antibiotics almost the entire time. Every time I go off the antibiotic I get sick. I have taken 3 different antibiotics but cannot seem to completely eradicate the infection. I cannot take antibiotic indefinitely.What else can I do?
this product add irritated me almost as much as the one that suggested we use throwaway dishes everyday.
My first baby never latched but I did not have as much support. I pumped forever. This time I insisted on getting help and I found an amazing Doctor/LC. She encouraged me and suggested the baby led latch. https://breastfeedingusa.org/content/article/baby-led-latch-how-awaken-your-babys-breastfeeding-instincts . This worked for us. After a couple of weeks my baby finally started to nurse. We also used a long bottle nipple that would go fairly far into her mouth. My...
I love my Ergo. I am currently using it with my second child. With my first I used it through her second year. This time I got the infant insert and really liked it, once I got the hang of it. The Ergo is easy to nurse in ( with practice) and very convenient. It is the only carrier I could find that had a hood, which I use all the time. I have also used wraps but ultimately prefer the ergo.
New Posts  All Forums: