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Your photography is excellent and your daughter is lovely KaliShanti! Here is Victor at 5 months:
Lilac, I have found this site very helpful: http://fit2b.us/how-to-check-for-diastasis-hd/.
Victor at 4 months:  
Oh, it is good to hear updates on everybody :)   Victor is 4 months now, and he's a very cheerful and vigorous little fellow. He wants very much to be able to crawl, and can lift his whole bottom  half up with his knees, but this results in him plowing his face on the ground. He doesn't make it more than a few inches. He is all smiles and giggles most of the time. He doesn't take toys yet, but he loves to see how many fingers he can eat at once. He also has decided...
I've found this site helpful for encouraging my husband in dealing with the baby crying: http://purplecrying.info/information-for-dads.php (my husband won't read things but he believes me when I summarize them for him).
Could very well be, that's what it was called! Here's the pattern for anyone else who's interested: thriftyknitter.com/?p=223   It's awesome, doesn't upset my baby at all to have it put on, and he's convinced I invented the concept of clothing purely to torment him.
Here is Victor at 12 weeks in a little tweed vest I knit for him:  
Is the milk leaking supposed to go away? I certainly hope so. I'm 8 weeks postpartum and still getting waterfalls that soak all the way down my shirt and onto my skirt. I haven't left the house in weeks (because of my foot) but I will need to make some pads for my bra for when I do. My husband is a bit put off by the leaking, so I hope it goes away.
I only have one child, a son, and I would definitely encourage him to be a stay-at-home dad if his wife had a career she wanted to pursue. He may remain our only child, and I have felt sad at not having a daughter because it seems to me that parenting gets handed down much stronger from mother to daughter. I feel strongly about the parenting decisions I've made and I'd like to see them, or improvements on them, used with my grandchildren. If my son was the primary...
I just have to vent: this has been an awful week.  On Friday I was taking the dog on a walk and wearing Victor. I made it almost all the way down from my third floor apartment when I missed a step and pitched forward.  There was luckily just the one step to fall down and I had my hands free so I was able to steady Victor and catch a railing, but I still sprained my ankle pretty badly.  Victor was fine, I don't think he even noticed anything was wrong.   So my husband had...
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