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I have a friend who just had her 3rd at 44 and they're trying for their 4th, the father is 55. I see them and it's so normal, I don't think it's too old. If you're both healthy and in shape, I don't see any issue. Well wishes!
The longest for me was 46 months. Two pregnancies, never got af back between them. Even after the flow returned 18 months after my second one, my periods were very irregular. I continued tandem nursed for another 1.5 years. I got pregnant with 4th, a month after weaning!
I honestly don't know. It's different for every woman when and how fast the hormones start to multiply. I've had a positive test at 2.5 weeks pregnant, then another that wasn't positive until 6 weeks with a faint positive. The positive pregnancy test at 2.5 weeks was also the sickest I'd ever been. Please let us know the results!
I had a second test, but I wasted it by testing again the night of Sept 2! I should have saved it. I had a dream last night I started to spot, I was actually sad and disappointed. Although I'd gladly accept another one, we're already spread so thin. In August I spent majority of the time researching permanent bc methods. The lack of af has me spinning! 
I'm 20days past my supposed ovulation, and 5 days late for my period. Yesterday I took a test and was negative. I'm freaking out, but not for the same reasons as you. I do hope you're pregnant, I'm rather hoping I'm not as I feel my family size is good. Just wanted to let you know, you're not alone. 
Hi ladies! My last period was July 28th. I'm usually regular. I took a test yesterday Sept 1, and it was negative. I had not noticed any ovulation fluid this last month either, though I did have an unusual discharge on the 24th. It looked like yeast and a glob of ovulation fluid, but could I have ovulated so late? So if I really was ovulating August 24th, does that mean my flow won't return till 12-16 days after? So Sept 5- Sept 7? I've been really grumpy, tired and...
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