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Sorry, I just needed to delete this thread.  Thanks. 
I love the idea of the tiny leg warmers.  We're lucky to be having February babies because we can knit to our hearts content.  I've only started a hat so far but I *plan* to make a soft wool sweater, some knit pants, and a baby quilt of bright colors.  Or I might cut up some of the other kids' t-shirts and make a quilt out of those. 
That's a funny story.  Congratulations!!!  
Northwest Montana.  
Yeah, I was kind of counting on daily reassuring kicks by now, but last night I tried another mom's suggestion of lying on my belly (half on left side, half on belly) and after a few minutes I felt a few taps.  :) 
I'm 17 weeks too and I also haven't felt anything yet.  This is my 4th, but because of my "advanced maternal age" (a diagnosis from the ob) and other factors, I'm really obsessing over this one.  I wish I'd feel a kick!  
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