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A couple of pics from our NT ultrasound done this week at 12w3d. I'm amazed at the clarity and detail (and a bit creeped out). Last time I did this, five years ago, the pics pretty much looked like a cute little blob. I had the maternal blood test done as well and will find out the gender next week. Can't wait:) 
Hi, I had a similar experience last week during a midwife visit. She did not seem surprised or worried at all and I walked away feeling as though it's normal. Also, I'm a bit behind you, currently 12w4d. Not sure that helps, just want to let you know you are not alone in your experience:)
gigib33, Haha, i've been so crazy lately. My poor husband! Im due Oct 16th :)   Please don't hesitate if you have any other questions. xo, Kelsy
Hi, I transferred to the midwife/homebirth route at 32 weeks so I had plenty of experience with the ob care before. I found the midwife care to be much more holistic and thorough. The prenatal appointments would take about an hour and were much more frequent than the quick ob appointments once a month. My midwives also provided care for myself and the baby for 12 weeks after birth. They were so helpful with nursing and any issues that came up. They will check your uterus...
Hi, I ran into this same issue with my previous birth (2010). I tried my darndest to figure out what the best and worst case $$ scenarios would be and despite many conversations with the hospital billing staff I could not get an answer. In the end this lack of knowing the final cost was one of the reasons I went with a homebirth. It was a fixed cost, and in the end I was actually reimbursed 65% by my insurance company. I'm not sure if home or birth center are in the cards...
I'm right there with you Wilhemina! I had a loss at 9 weeks that was discovered at 11 weeks about a year and half ago. I just reached 11 weeks with this pregnancy and the past two weeks have been so nerve wracking! I'm constantly second guessing symptoms, or working myself up by the lack of symptoms. I should just be thankful I'm not throwing up!    Week 13 can't come fast enough:) 
Hi fellow Californians! We live in Santa Barbara. I moved here from Portland, Or 10 years ago and although I love visiting home I can not imagine ever leaving the beautiful California weather. I feel blessed to live here even though we will probably always rent and will have a heck of a time saving for college :)
Kelsy Baby #2 (daughter just turned 4) edd 10/16 Hoping for a boy but I would be happy with either. We shall see at 20 weeks:)
We saw the heartbeat on monday and dated the pregnancy, 6w5d. It was reassuring to see the heartbeat after a previous loss, but... the dr. saw a pocket of blood (subchorionic hematoma) in my uterus as well, so now I have something new to be concerned about. Argh, I'm such a logical person in my 'normal' life, but these pregnancy hormones really get the best of me. I really do not want excessive u/s but now with this discovery I feel like I could easily have 6 during this...
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