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Bouncymummy, It may be that your DS is approaching his Wonder Week 19 and is fussy because of that (there's a great book called Wonder Weeks about baby's brain development). My 5mth old DD does most of her naps in the wrap, too, but once or twice a day I would lay down with her on my bed and mostly I get lucky - she falls asleep and I can sneak away. It does not work all the time, though. And I don't have a toddler at home - respect to you!
How has babywearing made parenting easier for me? As a single mom of a 5mo-old DD, living on my own (plus having a dog), babywearing is essential! Most importantly, it enables our connection or attachment to be fully lived out.   Dog walking is more fun for the three of us: the dog can walk off the concrete paths, DD can either enjoy the scenery or snuggle up for a nap, I dont have to manouver the stroller with one hand and dog leash with another one. Also, we are...
Google 'Getting Things Done' - it's a book that worked wonders for me and my productivity... Maybe you can get some hints from there.   My trick for dealing with uncomfortable phone calls (and I LOATHE uncomfortable phone calls): I write myself a reminder, but not on a small yellow post-it, but on a letter-sized piece of paper and I use bright markers, and then put that reminder (or more of them) on a door or wardrobe or in front of the toilet seat... Anywhere, where...
I'm using cloth diapers and storing them in a regular waste bin with a lid that can be lifted with a foot. Absolutely no smell (and I am very sensitive to bad smells). It is true, though, that I do my own diaper washing every 2 days, and have never left soiled diapers in that bin for a week as you would have to. Have you considered not using a diaper service? It really is not as much work as it seems beforehand..
Same here. My DD was like that till turning 4 months - no sitting down, no standing still for mama. Sometimes I ate while pacing around: had food distributed over several plates in several rooms, so I could have a bite on the go. My leg joints and back were aching so badly... Hopefully your baby grows out of this phase soon, too.
I have a Manduca (a German one) - very happy with it. Do all kinds of household chores with my daughter in it, including cooking. She's 4 mo's and 8kg at the moment, so I can wear her both back and front. Sorry I can't help with your peeking-over-the-shoulder question 
Sorry to read this :-( We have a similar story: I'm now a mother of a 4-month-old, but was dumped right as we found out about pregnancy. Magic from our love story suddenly evaporated :-( I can understand how confused you may feel. Hormonal or not, it is simply *not right* for a pregnant woman to be alone. I changed my mind so many times during these past 12 months about how involved I want him to be... I still dont know. There were/are still strong feelings for him...
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