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Just want to pop in and say a brief hello to you lovelies.  I have been blessed with "late onset" morning sickness (started at 11 weeks), and it has knocked me on my butt.  I thought I had dodged it this time around as I had HG with my daughter and am still hoping this is just my hcg level spiking.  Hope you guys with sickness are still powering through and that everyone else is feeling well, too.  See y'all on Monday, I hope -- we are moving this weekend!  What timing!
My daughter and husband had leftover spaghetti.   Me?  An almond Snickers bar, a bag of pretzel M&Ms, and a cup of Lactaid... What? 
^ If anything, I like the way my boobs look better now after having nursed my little one for 2+ years.  They definitely didn't sag.  My tummy did, though.    Yep, early May here.  Can hardly wait for that second trimester and hopefully the energy that returns with it (please oh please, lol).
The only thing that you listed that I would personally be overcautious about is lifting heavy objects (heavy being relative, I suppose).  Much to my daughter's dismay ;), I have stopped picking her up because she is ~40 pounds and my body does let me know that it's too much.  You seem to be tuned in to your body, though, and that's the best you can do!  Rock on, mama.  I wish I had the energy. 
  I didn't. ;)   I believe that the lotion works/it's just genetics stuff you'll find will be mostly anecdotal.  However, like you, I don't think that buttering your belly up will do any harm, so why not.  Helps with the itchiness, too!
When we got the positive, we told my sister and her husband as well as my husband's best friend and his wife.  We kept it pretty tight.   About eight weeks in, we told my little girl.  She is THRILLED, lol.  Asks about its gender every day!   Now at 11 weeks, I just told my mom.  It went almost exactly as predicted.  I'm not sure how to describe her; she's certainly not a bad person, and we have a decent-to-good relationship, but she can be cold, and she is very...
Congrats, mama!  Must have been a scary wait.  Sticky vibes!
Udi's.  I wanted to like them, but they just did not sit well. :\  While we're on the topic, I am relatively new to GF living -- do you have experience baking with GF flour?  Is it worth it?
You guys are making me drool    Now that my nausea is mostly gone (with an icky hour here and there), my appetite is back and insatiable.  I will have to keep a close eye on my intake as I am one of those who eats a snack and immediately sees it in their thighs, haha.  Definitely not trying to rub it in for any of you who are still sick -- I had HG for all nine months with my little girl, so this is a big surprise.   Back to food: My husband found this organic,...
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