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No flu shots here, but I do have my share of greys.  A hairdresser spotted a streak (read: way more than a few...) in my bangs when I was 23.  Woo! :P   I'm also curious about the safety of dyes during pregnancy.  My roots look like poop right now.  Does anyone here use henna?  I'd like to go that route if it's just as effective.
10w2d     My uterus is plotting to take over the world... lol.  Somebody tell me it slows down! (This is my third pregnancy.)
Now I've got muffins on the brain   We tried new gluten-free blueberry muffins a few days back, and they were yuck.  Gave me a stomachache on top of nausea!  Waffles sweetened with fruit juice and agave did the same, actually.  Maybe my sweet tooth is going into retirement -- boo!
Oh CoBabyMaker, I don't know whether to giggle or frown about your dreams!  I hope that you get to enjoy real food very soon.
Thanks for the feedback, ladies. :)  I am happy to announce that we are moving out either late this month or early next!  Just in time for second trimester, so hopefully I have a bit of energy back.     He definitely knows (and is supportive/in agreement), and since we will be moving within the same apartment community, taking care of little one will be very convenient.  She can hop from momma's to daddy's pretty much as she pleases, though I am sure we will come up with...
  Hate it.  My husband asks, "Well, do you want the garbage bucket or some food?"  I don't know!!!  Haha.  Not sure how far along you are, Bailey, but I am around 10 weeks and have had a very hungry last few days (fingers crossed).
I'm not sure how many of you, if any, this will apply to, but I thought I'd reach out anyway.   Long story short, my husband and I are sharing an apartment with my little girl's dad (and have been for several months).  I should preface my whining with the fact that it's actually not terrible, and I'm surprised by how well everyone is getting along -- especially husband and ex; they are practically best friends!  Little one loves that everyone is together,...
  Very similar!  I was just saying to my husband that I don't think I was this show-y until around 20 weeks with my last.     Edit:  Also, it makes me giggle because baby is approximately the size of a grape (I'm 9w2d).  I'm sporting a mansion for a grape!
  I found this: "English: patronymic from an Old English personal name, Dynna. Irish: variant of Dineen. German: habitational name from Denning in Bavaria." but it is about the surname .  I like Denning!  Though you probably will feel obligated to do a third D, haha.
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