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I'm not sure why it still hasn't really hit me yet.  For two ultrasounds now (one at emergency because of a bleed, second to check on heart rate progression and to keep an eye on my hematomas), my poor husband has been ecstatic to listen and watch while I drag my feet into the room believing that there is going to be bad news.   You would think with how VERY symptomatic and bellyful I am that I would chin up! /chuckle.  Second trimester can't come soon enough.
  Thank goodness!   Last time around, I went from February to November (in Texan heat).  Conceiving in August this time was genius. 
  I'm the opposite, haha.  With my little one, I went from a B to a DD seemingly overnight, and I wanted my Bs back!!!  This go, I started at D and am already at DD and my shoulders huuurt. :(  Silly boobs!
I really want to join in, but after severe m/s with my successful pregnancy and this one seeming to follow in its tracks, I am a little scared (wah, I know, lol).  But I had just hit 60 pounds lost (!) when I got my BFP, and I refuse to gain it all back.   Do you all try to plan exercise around your nausea and/or fatigue, or do you attempt to power through it?
Very well said, spitbath.     My daughter's biological father didn't leave us till she was around five months old, so I know single parenting, but I'm sadly without much advice about carrying your baby on your own.  I definitely echo surrounding yourself with a support net (family, friends, etc.).  If that is not possible, then maybe ask your health care provider or Google around for local (and online! ;)) groups.   You can do this! <3
    Baby Tuna! (They say 8w4d [LMP], I say 8w1d [O] -- not a huge difference, though)   Heartbeat was loud and clear at 174 BPM.   I actually have two hemorrhages; one is healing/clotting, and one is "active".  My midwife said that both have a 90-ish% chance of resolving on their own and to try not to worry about spotting (yeah, right!).   I know that we are not out of the woods yet, but today was a good day.  Thank you guys for the positive words...
Thank y'all for your kind words.   M/s is especially crappy today, but I'm trying to stay calm and enjoy the quiet before wee one gets up!
I am still so shocked by my belly this time around.  I was probably 18w with my daughter before I looked like this (8w1d)!  No one sent me the memo about subsequent pregnancies, lol.  Not to mention the boobage. 
Back from a break for my wedding and mini-honeymoon and glad to see several new members. :)     Around six weeks, I was diagnosed with a subchorionic hemorrhage.  Basically from my positive pee stick until now (8w1d today), I have dealt with discharge and light flows, some red but mostly brown.  It has been unsettling but one of my midwives assured me that unless the flow drastically increases and/or is accompanied by cramping, I am probably alright.   However,...
^  fellow Texan. :)     My feeling and one of two dreams (the other didn't reference gender) point to boy.  I was right about my gal before her anatomy scan, so we shall see.
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