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Hi there!   Not sure how much I can offer, but I do have an anxiety disorder myself, and this is baby #1 for my partner as well.  It is a bit daunting on him, but we practice a similar approach of communication.  A few topics off the top of my head: Birth plan, nursing duration (if you breastfeed), co-sleeping arrangements, cloth diapering or using disposables... Some of these kind of fall in the realm of "duh", but like you said, it is good to have it all out there....
    We're telling just a select few of our family and friends until the second trimester, which is going to be a challenge as I am getting married this Saturday and am already showing! lol
Hello everybody. :)   I am approximately 7w1d with baby #3, and my last two pregnancies included violent "morning" sickness, but this one seems to be all about heartburn.  I want to let anyone else with this issue know about coconut water!  Every time I feel the acid a-bubblin', I drink a small cup of the stuff.  The taste makes it difficult for me to choke down, but it works magic on my indigestion.  Your mileage may vary, but I would be suffering without it...
May 7th is my baby #3's estimated due date. :)
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