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I had a similar experience.  Same due date, Feb 22, but she came by C section on January 22nd at 35 weeks.  I had been in the hospital for 3 1/2 weeks on bedrest, because they discovered I had a vasa previa.  I was hoping to keep her in until 37 weeks, but I started bleeding at 35 and the Doc on call decided to go in and get her.  SO, she's little, 4.bs 15 oz at birth BUT mighty : )  She was in the NICU for 2 days for glucose issues and we came home on Sunday.  She...
I'm finally getting around to posting the first belly shot.  For some reason the camera makes it look smaller then in person but.. here's 26 weeks.   Or maybe not, it says I don't have permissions to create attachments, hmmm.
My sister in law started right away and her daughter is trained at 1!   She was with her ALL the time though.
I'm in the exact same boat.  I have been since 1st trimester so I'm ALMOST used to it.  I usually fall back asleep from 5 to 6:30. Good times : )  I could also do without the phrase "get your sleep now"  People just don't know what they are saying.  
Thanks.  I'll just focus on the good and practice going with the flow.  I tell you what, this being pregnant makes you good at 2 things, letting go and going with the flow.  Sheesh.  : )
Today was the day for my 20 week ultrasound and I worried about everything except for the news I received.  The great news is it's a girl and she's healthy!  The not so good is I have complete placenta previa.  I have always dealt with stress with exercise and now I'm told no exertion and chance of bed rest.  Also definite C section at 37 weeks.  Still just stunned.  Anyone else out there have any insight into this condition?
EDD-Feb 20 Other Children-Nope Team-Girl?  Yep it's a girl : )  
Boulder, CO.  Actually, the hills outside of Boulder so close to Nederland.  I thought I saw someone was from there but I cannot find it again...  
Hi,  Just joined this site, here's my story.  I'm a first timer so I'm really digging reading everyone's experiences.  I'm 39 and we were 95% sure it was time for the hubby to get the snip.  We decided on our vacation this summer to try while we were there and if it didn't work, to finally decide 100 % on child free life.  Well, we had unprotected sex once, I freaked out said no more, but apparently once is all it takes : )  So here we go.
New Posts  All Forums: