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With DD, I worked on an OB floor so I started using the doppler on myself at 8 weeks and trying to find it every few days. I didn't actually hear it until 11 weeks, so 8 weeks is a little soon IMO. Hopefully you get to hear it next time!
Thanks ladies, I'm feeling better today, as far as the bowels go. I think the probiotic is helping, it's not quite as loose/watery as it was, and not as urgent, but not back to normal either. I'm hoping the worst of it is over. Now I am getting into the nausea phase of it. This is all just so different from DD, I wonder if this one is a boy??
Went to the state fair today and walked around for five hours. I'll call that my exercise for today!
Thanks! I got some Culturelle and started it the other day. If it doesn't work I will try one of the ones you recommended. I am SO SICK of this already!!
I should have included, I'm a nurse too! Haha! I have tried diet changes, upping my water, I definitely wasn't drinking enough at first. I get plenty of fiber and protein, and I'm eating yogurt for breakfast every day and sometimes also for snack. I drink green tea daily, I love it. I don't think my diet has helped very much, maybe a little, since I have gone from super watery to just a little watery/soft stools. It's probably one of those things I'll have to wait out....
Ok, ladies, HUGE TMI warning!   I am really struggling. With DD, I had very bad constipation during the first trimester. I ended up on a daily regimen of stool softeners. Back then I didn't know as much about probiotics as I do now, I didn't take them, but the stool softeners helped so I didn't look into anything else.   Now, I am having the exact opposite problem, loose stools a couple times a day. And it's really urgent too. Once I feel it I have to run to the...
Those are so adorable! I'm a knitter too and I'll probably start knitting soakers after I finish knitting Christmas gifts this year. I'll have to put that pattern in my queue, thanks for sharing!
I am so, so sorry to hear this. I know you had a gut feeling before knowing for sure, but I'm sure that doesn't make it any easier. Prayers for peace during this very hard time for you and yours. Please update us WHEN you do conceive again. You have a great attitude about this, and I wish you all the best. Hang in there!!
That's awesome you have a gym so close, and such an understanding boss! Good for you for keeping at it! I am very glad I have been doing yoga for about a year now, and am continuing for this pregnancy. It really does help stretch everything out and relax.   Today I did Zumba, and plan to go on a walk with DH and DD after dinner if it's not too hot. Probably something light tomorrow, yoga or pilates. I'm feeling very good right now, so I'm taking advantage of it as long as...
I did end up going for a one mile walk with the hubby and DD on Sunday night. I pushed the stroller which made it a lot more intense for me (usually DH pushes). Yesterday I walked the track with a friend and went to Yoga. We did a lot of down dog and sun salutations and I got pretty dizzy and nauseous but I made it all the way through! Today I did a 45 min. Zumba class at the Y, but just did it all low-impact. I'm afraid of overdoing it, so I'm just taking it easy. I...
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