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I'm ISO some gender neutral colored Newborn Nana's Bottoms AIO's.  I'd like them to have velcro, and her new opening with elastic at the back.  Not too picky on the inner materials (or possibly the gender neutral part).  Try me I guess. :)
Or is that even allowed?  I found the WAHMarket, but did not see anywhere to add a new thread.  I didn't want to list in misc without checking first if that's ok to do! Thanks!
softbums - delete for now
Looking for Nuclear Pumpkin Orange, Ocean Blue, Blueberry Blue, Firecracker Red, and Prints.  Thanks for looking!  This picture from re-diaper .com about covers it.    
Can you give me some recommendations (or brands that are junk to avoid) on diaper sprayers?  They are a tad pricey for me, but we've started solids, so... you know. Thanks! 
Now that I've been posting, I see I should have introduced myself!  I'm pretty private, so I thought it was pretty cool to see a group of people not on Facebook like me!!  I won't be posting pics, etc, but I am friendly. ;)  Glad to be here! 
Curious what OP decided to go with! Super undies also come in true pull-ons with no snaps.  We're using the pull-on day trainers with the front pocket stuffed, but for heavier wetting, you could get the night time ones.  Funny, it was researching cloth night-time solutions for my 2 year old that led me to decide to try cloth on my new baby!
This may sound silly, but it works for me. I live in town, and Hubby says no clohesline, so to sun my dipes, I fully extend a baby gate and lay it over the arms of our plastic lawn chairs.  It makes a perfect sunning / drying rack, and it's easy to take down.  Not sure if you could rig something creative where you live? :)
I was going to say diaperswappers too. :)  Also, babycenter has a diaper swap group.  Good luck!
This is so sad.  You would not believe (or maybe you would) the number of people completely uneducated on the subject.  I think different areas of the country have different rates, and I know where I live, it's practically unheard of to leave a boy intact.  So we're swimming against the current here, but had hoped things would be getting better, this sure doesn't help!
New Posts  All Forums: