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Mamaboots, did you ever heal properly or did you have to seek out a gyno to repair it? I am currently in that situation now and want to know if there is hope for me. I had a homebirth 6 wks ago. Mw said it was a tiny tear and did not need sutures. It hurt and kept bleeding for two wks. After constantly bugging the mw about this, she finally had me go see an ob/gyn, but that ob/gyn won't stitch me up. He says it's too late for it (although I've heard of many other women...
Well, later I learn that this ob/gyn was NOT the mw's backup doctor. She was just sending her clients there to get test results. Anyone been in my situation or had a similar one?
I had a home birth almost 6 weeks ago. MW told me I had a small tear and that it would heal on its own within 2 weeks. After many phone calls complaining to her about the pain and how it was still bleeding, she finally set me up with her back up doctor. I went to go see him and he told me he could no longer stitch me up. He tore what did heal and applied silver nitrate. Gave me some pain meds and sent me out the door. Told me it should start healing up and had me come...
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