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My vbac baby was 11lbs 10 oz. I didn't tear at all, didn't have so much as a skid mark. I agree with pp,weight/size estimates are not reliable.
Interesting. Tbh, I've been hoping for a more "normal sized" baby this round - 9 or 10 lbs sounds great lol. My mw wasn't concerned either, and we'd previously gone over my dates again so we are both pretty sure dates are correct. I guess I'll know more next month..... Good luck with your mw - I LOVE mine, I feel so lucky to have what was pretty much my only option (not many mws cover my area) turn out to be exactly the right match for me!
Yep, different people can measure differently, and I know baby's position can mess with the measurement as well.....that said, my uterus is clearly well-above my bellybutton, I suppose we could quibble about how many fingers width lol, but it's definitely larger than my dates would lead us to expect. My mw did pull out her measuring tape, so it's rather hard to fudge that measurement, yk? Lol So were you originally seeing an ob? Did you have dating u/s or were you...
Yes, measuring by fundal height. It is helpful to learn this can happen (even by such large amounts) and still self-correct/even out. We are undecided about the 20wk scan. My next appt will be in a month, so about 21/22 wks so hopefully I'll be measuring a little more in line with dates by then. My mw does not do anatomy scans, but has no problem referring me for one, should we decide to go that route. Thank you for sharing your experience!
Shamelessly bumping.....
At 17.5, I'm measuring 4 wks ahead - 22 wks. This is my 3rd LO, my midwife was a little surprised but didn't seem concerned. We're going to recheck next month and see how things are, which is an approach I am comfortable with. Dr. Google says it's not uncommon to measure ahead - by 1-3 weeks.....not much that I've found so far about 4 weeks ahead. Anyone have any experience with this? We are pretty confident on the front end of our dating - I had my IUD removed 10/16,...
Interesting about the 3rd pgy fears. I will admit I allowed a quick u/s at my first mw appt to be sure there was a heartbeat, and that was not a worry for me in either of my previous pgcies. I've been more anxious/worried this time, in general. Of course, I'm in a much different place with this pgy than with my older kids, so it makes sense I'd feel differently. Happy/healthy thoughts for everyone!
I'm glad you've felt movement! I keep reminding myself that many of my friends' 3rd babies threw them for a loop, so maybe I should expect this pgcy to be different (which it certainly has been!). I hope that's the case for you too - this 3rd baby is doing things its own way. I hope the u/s can be done quickly and brings peace of mind.
Hmmm....what is your plan for your bigger kids? (sitter, do they come with, etc). TBH, that sounds like a lot - especially toward the end of your pgcy and with a new LO. Is it possible to make your position more stationary and the vendors come to you for assistance? That would cut down on some of the running around, and maybe give you a chance to put up some shade for yourself? It is hard to predict how things will go, but I find it odd that they threw out bedrest...
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