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Quote: Originally Posted by texaspeach Low rise, no show hipsters or briefs solve that problem though. What do these look like and where can I get them?? Briefs as in bikini briefs or man briefs? Hipster whats - thongs? I'm so confused...or maybe just out of touch..
For me, it's all about the panty line. I'd be in heaven too with DHs boxer briefs, but alas...would not work very well with most of my clothes FWIW I hate butt floss aka thongs. HATE them. But what option other than commando is there really? I was hoping boy shorts was it.
No seam up the middle: check No pre-packaged bulk buy: check :
Oh my...mixed reviews...hmm...the thong's kinda becoming yesterday's news to me (something about them seems so...90s, I dunno. Yeah, like I'm a maven of style ) Wedgies I don't know if I can deal with, but I think I'll try them anyway. THANKS for the tips! :
...or whatever they're called...you know, the opposite of thongs, look like mini shorts...are they comfy? Do they have panty line? Are they too hot? Should I ditch the thongs for those? (Don't like thongs but hate panty lines...)? Any fave brands?
OMG thank you for all the replies! : A little background - I went in to pick up food for a client for the first time, and it was 'family day' - basically moms and kids. They were low on protein items (beans, etc.) but were practically dumping the bread (mostly bagels) into peoples' bags b/c it's the most perishable and the groceries just give it in truckloads to the food banks. I did cringe to see items that were NOT child friendly - stuff people emptied out of their...
Just curious - do magnets affect your body, and how? I know that some people wear them on purpose (in bracelets, etc.) and they're use n acupuncture/acupressure. I bought a gorgeous turquoise necklace today and the clasp is a HUGE magnet, that sits at the back of my neck. Just curious to know if anything crazy will happen TIA
Regarding the OP's sentiments, I can totally see why she is conflicted. A DDs friend is participating in something that goes against her core value system, and as the friend is an influential peer of DD, I can see why she'd consider limiting contact. I don't have a problem with this. Her values may not be my values, but no one has a right to minimize a parent's concerns. Heck, the friend's mom could have been racist or homophobic or whatever. It's up to the parent to...
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