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Oh yeah, seconding and thirding the educational aspect of it. Teach harm reduction when they're of the age (middle school now?) (google it - sorry, typing in the dark so can't give a long explanation to do it benefit). Finally, give them something, as someone said, to fill the void of boredom, low self esteem, whatever. I'm trying to nurture a sport in my very young kids that they can take with them into teenhood and keep them very busy with training. btw I also...
Someone help me out here and enlighten me please! I stopped nightnursing a week ago (precious, precious sleep for everyone...except DH a few times a night ) and my hair started shedding a ton; I'm getting, um, acne. Even had a bleedy gum tonight. I have either been pregnant and/or nursing for about 5 years but forgot that hormones were involved in the whole thing How long does it take to settle down?
OooOooh I almost forgot! When I was searing youtube for the perfect bun for my DD's ballet hair, I came across this for grownups: www.pursebuzz.com (she's also on youtube as pursebuzz). She has dozens of quick and easy, on the fly tutorials on everything from hairstyling (eg. how to get a fast tousled hair look) to tons of makeup tutorials. And she's really sweet - does it out of her apartment. eta: here's the link to the hair tutorials - somethin' for everyone...
Quote: Originally Posted by heather8 I like debates IRL, with other people who are informed. People who aren't informed and are merely opinionated bug the heck out of me. OMG yes, totally. I go more for empirical evidence and data hashing than quoting dusty books or 'if it feels right, it must be right.' ...and just sometimes, I like to stir the pot for fun
Yeah...I'm lukewarm on the siggs, mostly for the functional reasons. I also find them hard to clean, small openings, and fidgety/tough for my 2.5 yr old to handle. Also, can't use 'em in the dishwasher The lack of insulation is a pain although I like the cooler slip idea. Might have to look into the Thermos ones - hadn't heard of those.
Awesome idea! We have a mini round one for the girls (2 and 4) and they've never had an accident. In the beggining we used to surround it with stuffed animals and cushions, but no one's fallen off. In fact, their balance and control are excellent on it. It's a FABULOUS way to burn off extra energy and it's been the source of countless imaginative games (superhero, rocketship, circus, etc.). BTW our round one has slightly padded edges and is maybe 4 inches off the...
Poor DD - dunno if it's a stomach flu or food poisoning or what. No appetite, explosive poop (sorry TMI), gurgly tummy, sore tummy. Not enough for a doctor's visit, but enough to make her uncomfortable. Please help me make her feel comfortable..what will help soothe the pain until it passes? TIA
Yeah, most men have the social intelligence to not fawn over children other than their relations, especially with physical touching, especially after only 2 weeks of introduction. My DH is very conscious of this and would NEVER EVER EVER do this to another little girl. EVER.
Thank you for posting - definately a cautionary tale for mamas! I have been nervous about this issue and always check DDs mouth. Having said that, we've been NN for 2.6 years and she has perfect teeth, so I agree that a lot more goes into it - I think genetics plays a huge role. DH's teeth are perfect, always have been
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