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I am from Comanche,Tx little over 100 miles from DFW
 I'm new here, but here is my tummy at 15wks 5days
I am 36 and will be 37 when our baby is born...It bothers me when people I know say "oh my don't you think you are too old to be having any more kids?" I politely say "no I'm not I think my head is a little clearer than when we had our 1st at 17 and our 2nd in my 20's.." there is a bit of an age gap but what the heck I praise everyone who thinks age is just a number..
I have had kidney stones for 18 yrs now, n it really stinks....We are pregnant with our 3rd child and I'll be 16 wks tomorrow and am going through a very rough time with stones...I have them in both kidneys and in my bladder...The spasms in the bladder with these stones are horrible...With our 2nd son I had to have stents put in both kidneys to hold stones up so I could carry the baby, which was discovered that day and I was 5mos preg...I know how they feel
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