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I am much into nuts at the moment, it's typical for me at this point of the year...  
I think if the fruits and veggies are presented on the plate in a child-like way, it can be really successful. A friend of mine became really creative with that preparing a carrot-pie-banana face or the like. It helped her very much.  
Discipline is exactly what I feel the children need, do not hesitate to be strict (in loving way of course). children often want and ask for limits to feel more secure. And also take a break yourself.  
That's true, hormones do not simply go away like the baby. I would consult a professional to find out about the source of the emotions.  
I think this form of therapy is not effective. I think people who say they feel better just experience the placebo effect. there are no scientific results showing anything but that. I would stick to the established medical solutions and get information on these to handle the allergies.  
Glad to hear, you are feeling better, uhuh, I guess no one can judge the situation who has not been through it and sewing is not always the reason for pain. So keeo the doctor as she exactly knows your story and what you have gone through.  
It is indeed very interesting what has become of medicine since the Enlightenment. I mean, thanks to human curioisity and striving, people have found solutions for many medical disasters. And nowadays, the researchers are devloping new serums and vaccines every couple of months. There are even approaches to solve the HIV pandemia. as i have read recently, the CD antibodies play a major role in the infection process. That is a promising start to continue research. It is...
there is no specific point during your labour when the water will break. It can be at the beginning or in the middle of it. No rules here.
no need to worry!!! You and your baby will be fine! If you stress yourself, you'll stress the unborn baby too. It can also affect the immune system. I also rely on medicine, nowadays they have so many possibilities which our parents and grannies did not have, even on the molecular level companies like cusabio do their research to improve life. Can also be useful for prenatal diagnostics in the end.  
Well, congratulations that you feel so good. I can assure you that it is no reason to bother - if you feel great, be lucky about it.
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