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Ok so can someone explain the mucus plug thing to me? FTM here and have no clue lol is it always a big "glob"? I just had quite a bit of clear "mucusy discharge" on my panty liner when I went to the bathroom and a teeny tiny bit on the tp after I went... Trying to not get excited but I've been watching the tp for weeks!!! LOL could it be the start of loosing it? Or does it usually come all at once? Man I'm so ready to have this baby lol
I'm 38wks3days. CAN NOT believe I'm still pregnant! Been feeling really restless & anxious since yesterday,,, lots of little CX but nothing timeable... *sigh* I sure hope she comes soon! My family has all stopped calling tho I think they've given up that ill ever have her LOL
Thanks ladies... I'm so hurt. She obviously can't be trusted! And it hurt even more cuz my DH is so pissed his first response was "well we need to change her name" but ill be damned if I let HER take our joy away from this name we love... He is the most laid back person, and he never wants to see her again. So pissed.And YES! It's not like she was excitedly talking abt the baby and it "slipped" she purposely wanted them to know she knew! WTF? She is SO childish. And...
Ok that's a lot of adjectives... I feel so whiny lately but thanks in advance for listening... Ugh. Seriously family SUCKS! So we decided back when we decided on a name for our baby that we weren't going to tell her name to our fam til she was born. I (stupidly) trusted my sister tho and decided to share it with her... Our mom passed back in '11 and I just felt like it was a nice way to include her and it honestly made me feel closer to her/my mom in a weird way....
I've had more energy the last few days... Probably cuz I've had better sleep. DH and I went for a nice long walk with our dogs last night, contracted consistently the whole time but as soon as I sit down when we get home they stop lol I'm really sore all over and my legs hurt bad. But my sex drive has been CARAZY the last few days! Of course DH isn't complaining lol I really just can't wait to meet this girl... And yet part of me wants her to wait to cuz I'm so nervous...
HAHAHAHA no I haven't heard any of those "you don't look preg" comments anymore... Now it's suddenly "OMG! Are you gonna have her right this moment?" LOL!
You and everyone else! Even my drs are shocked! LOL
My DH has been shaving my legs forever lol he's actually gotten pretty good at it. As for "me" lol that hasn't seen any grooming in a long time. I can't be bothered lol but I went and got a pedicure last week... Cuz if I let my DH paint them he'd prob just dip each toe in the paint! ROFL!
Baby is comfy over here lol ironically! NEVER EVER thouht I'd still be pregnant at this point LOL I'm 38 weeks 1 day today and just got back from the doctor and I've basically made NO progress since last week! I'm still just barely 1cm.... She did say tho I was a bit "mushy" and last week I was "firm" soooo I guess that's a little progress? Lol after all we did to keep her inside! This.is.hilarious. LOL!
I've been having a TON of anxiety lately... I'm scared of everything lol Labor pain, "knowing" real labor (as I've had TONS of false labor), getting to the hospital in time, getting there too soon... I'm afraid of not going into labor, needing induction, complications, epidural, pushing... UMMM a BABY coming out of me!!! Ahhhh lol And PP... Phew. Everything. Pain, breast feeding, caring for her... Making decisions for her... Co-panting with my DH, how all this will...
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