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I agree Lucia is beautiful!!! And I love that your DH sent you a song! That's so sweet! When we were choosing this baby's name we decided fairly quickly on her first name (Mira) but the middle took a while... The only thing we knew is that it had to start with a "K" well my DH top pick was Kathryn. (After his mum) my fav was Kate. I didn't care for Kathryn cuz it was too traditional to me, and he didn't like Kate cuz he thought it too plain. So when Klaire came up, we both...
My advice would be to find a local person who does encapsulating and ask them if they've ever done one from your hospital. If so they will be able to tell you exactly what you need to do to get it, since they've done it before!
Yes! SOOOO exhausted! I'm 38 weeks tomorrow and just want to avoid moving as much as possible. I wanna sleep constantly but am too uncomfortable to get much rest. So much for nesting! Thankfully hubby has been cleaning things as I've asked. Lol
No they don't require a birth plan. We have one but it's more for our reference, and to help my hubby remember what I do and don't want while I am laboring so he can advocate for me. And that's fantastic your midwife said that! And WOW! 300$!?!?!!! YIKES! The person doing ours is charging us 100$ and she comes to the hospital within 3 hrs of the birth around the clock and will have the pills back to me within 3days PP.
38 weeks (tomorrow) And yes that is a full size infant swing behind me that can hardly be seen LOL Seriously can't believe I've gotten to 38 weeks! Wow!
We are encapsulating! We have to bring the zip lock bags and a cooler. And the hospital will give us the ice to keep it cold. The lady we are using to encapsulate it has done several placentas from this same hospital and has told us to just tell them we need it for religious reasons and not elaborate and she has never had an issue with getting it I haven't told the drs yet tho. I was wondering if I should or just wait til we get to the hospital.
I'm so glad the weight issue has come up... It took me forever to gain! I lost 15 lbs in the 1st tri. And then that came back but I didn't "gain" anything ast pre-pregnancy til my 24 wk appt and that was only 2lbs. Then from 24-28 I gained 17lbs!!! (Those darn protien shakes they had me drinking because she was measuring small... Obviously it wasn't needed cuz she's just fine now grrrrr) and from then it's been steady... I'm not at +29lbs... And feel like I'm gaining fast....
EWWWW that is so weird that she asked your DH! Why would he have any say who touches ur belly? Thankfully my mil has never even attempted to touch me. Lol
What not to say.... Texts and phone calls EVERYDAY from 10/15 people asking if I've had the baby yet! "Why yes, I had her last week and just decided not to tell you..." My mil texting/calling multiple times a day asking if I've had any "twinges" yet, then when I say no asking when I think she'll come cuz they really need to buy their plane tickets for the UK in April! OMG! (They have a home their btw. And will be spending the entire summer there... So why they MUST go...
Have you tried the suggested stretches and positions on spinningbabies.com? Idk how they work for twins but the few times this LO has flipped breech as soon as I did the stretches she flipped back. Especially the inversion pose. Good luck!
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