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Also for a DF diet. If your a yogurt lover!!! Coconut milk yogurt is SOOOOO yummy vanilla is my fav
My DH made us GF & DF enchiladas a few weeks ago!!!! I know he used GF corn tortillas and made the sauce from scatch using full fat coconut milk in place of the heavy cream the recipe called for!!! And he also found me some AWESOME DF sour cream at the store that I could put on top! Altho I have no idea now what the name of it was... We NEVER buy things like that but it was a splurge since we were having the enchiladas *they weren't as pretty looking as regular...
I have been gluten and dairy (Caisen) free for over a year now! Best decision I ever made! Dairy has always made me violently ill but doctors always just said "ohh it's just IBS" it wasn't until I saw a homeopath that I was diagnosed with severe dairy "allergy" and celiacs disease! My life completely changed upon removing the gluten from my life! The constant pain left me and I've felt wonderful because of my issues with gluten and dairy our pediatrician has urged us to...
LMAO! That's exactly what my DH said when I showed him! LOL
As much as I can't imagine being pregnant that much longer! That would be my luck lol fight and fight to keep her in and then she decides to just never come LOL
Well goodness, we are doing encapsulation... But my goodness placenta chocolate sounds and looks amazing!! Yum!
It did but that was two weeks ago and I was still on my cervical meds at the time, I stopped them a few days after that US and my dr said you stop them so the cervix can begin to ripen slowly before the removal. I've also been having a lot of contractions (BH mostly aside from the other night) so I'm think the lack of vaginal meds will make a difference in my length/dilation... I also had some spotting on wed. Which can be a sign that there is dilation happening through...
My birthday is 9/13 so that would be neat
Yeah... I wouldn't mind a week or so but I'd rather not go over after all this... But of course it's not really up to me lol
Thanks! And it sure does make it hard! I was talking to my grandmother the other day and telling her how "done" I was... And she reminded me of me saying the exact same thing back at 28 weeks! LOL and I've made it 7 more weeks... So I suppose I can do a little while longer...
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