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Thank you. I've now got greenish mucus? Coming out of me.? Yeah this is NOT normal. I'm going to insist I'm seen tomorrow. ..
Congrats babysmom!!! Ok, so I had a crazy amount if AX during labor (cuz I had a high fever Nd they thought i had n infection) anyway I developed yeast infection symptoms about 6 days PP. took a single dose difflucan. 3 days later it felt worse so I went to the dr. She checked my stitches to make sure they were healing well, which they were... So I was give a triple dose of difflucan to take over the next 3 days. I finished those last Wednesday. Well here I am 16days PP...
Just curious what you all are feeling as "let down" I don't feel anything lol and I seem to have milk readily available as soon as she starts nursing... Is usually dripping before she gets latched on lol is it normal not to feel let down? Or am I just weird? LOL
That's what I was thinking... I am dairy free so I cld be low on vit D but I wld prefer to take some extra vit d myself than give her some... I wonder if my BM cld be checked for vit d levels if she is concerned?
I'm curious what everyone's thoughts are on vitamin D drops for breastfed babies? Our pedi hasn't brought it up (yet) but I know lots of other moms who have said their pedis insist on it... Saying breast milk is lacking in vitD??? W have our two week appt on wed. So I thought I should research and get informed on this issue before we go incase it comes up! So thoughts???
I nursed Mira in red robin yesterday while we ate dinner. Totally stressed me out having her in there (you know germs and all lol) but she was happy as a little clam as long as I kept her near the boob lol So glad you got to go home munchin!!! Very strange they wouldn't let you leave til your milk came in? Mine didn't come in til the day after we got home, and they never even mentioned it.
Mira had her first successful latch in the side lying position last night! Woohoo this will make our night feedings so much easier
12 days old today!!!
And the moby is a hit I had a friend suggest I get get Mira in it often now before she gets too much older because she didn't try her baby in it til almost 6 wks and he hates it... So we pulled it out and gave it a try today and it seems to be a hit. She's asleep now Also - notice the completely pointless crib in the background lol she hasn't been in it once and it's now just a catch all for everything lol can't imagine anything other than co-sleeping
I don't have many suggestions as I'm very new at this and have been blessed with a great little nurseling so far... Her latch has been really good from day one but I do have to watch her lips... She likes to tuck them in when she nurses and this prevents her from getting a good latch and it hurts too. I hope u have a smooth transition from the shield
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