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I'm so sorry for all those having DH troubles... sending BIG warm hugs to all of you! And we are here to listen!!! I had my chiro adjustment and acupuncture treatment today. I only felt a few contractions while I was sitting there but it was super relaxing. I lived the dr!!! She was SUPER knowledgable abt pregnancy and childbirth having had 10!!!!!! Babies herself!! WOAH! And working with pregnant and laboring women for over 15yrs. She palpated baby and confirmed she is...
I have gluten & dairy allergies. And will be avoiding certain things for the first few weeks for babies tummy. The main one being tomatoes. We have made a lot of freezer meals that are within my restrictions. Ad weren't planning in asking for meals... However we found out that our new church has a whole group of people with celiacs! So they have offered to get together and make GF/DF meals for us
I have an appt tomorrow afternoon for a chiro/accupunture/homeopath treatment. That's meant to induce labor!!! I'm so excited! Hoping it works so I can avoid an induction next week. She was telling me she had a patient last week that was holding her baby within 15 hrs of the treatments!!! Ahhhhh Has anyone tried this? If so did it work?
I totally just had to google Wat an IUD was! Hahaha looks kinda creepy. Can u feel it? Never thought in a million yrs. after being told I'd never have a biological child, that I'd be worrying about birth control! Life.is.crazy.
Idk if this will be our only biological child or not... We def want to adopt either way tho. But I am waiting to see how she comes out first! Lol if I need a csection. Then this will be it! Cuz for every furture pregnancy I would need a cerclage placed at the end of the 1st tri, and would mostly likely require bed rest again and I just can't do 2 surgeries and bed rest per pregnancy, all while caring for another child/children. But... If she comes naturally, then I'd love...
Wow! Congrats!!!!! Shes beautiful
OMG! Cari!!!! He's beautiful!!! CONGRATS!
Can't wait to hear her announcement!!!!
Thanks bailey! I seem to have better luck and more positive appts with male OBs. Idk why but they a much more compassionate. I feel like the woman I've since have no compassion and just act like I'm being silly and should just "suck it up" which while that may be true... They don't need to act like it!!! And besides I'm 40 weeks and ill complain and cry if I want too! Lol
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