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TIFF4NY - I LOVE thunderstorms too! That would awesome to labor in and speaking of it being strange to tell people you are so close to your EDD. This morning when our pastor was introducing us before we got baptized he told everyone I was due TOMORROW, and there was this BIG audible GASP from the congregation! It made me laugh
YES! This is exactly how I'm feeling! DH keeps asking me what I'm feeling and it's been hard to explain... I'm not "IN" labor. But feeling very "birthy" and like labor is immanent, even if its still a few days. Also I've been losing little bits of my plug since yesterday morning but so far all has been clear... I might get real excited if some gets some color to it LOL
I was just thinking abt u and ur guess! Lol I think u might! Had another hr. of decent CX average 90sec apart. But they've slowed... Lots of period cramps still tho... So I'm eating a big bowl of coconut milk ice cream and relaxing... Thinking I'm gonna do an enema before bed tonight.
Thanks guys it was an awesome morning and so much excitement I came home and took a 3hr nap lol I feeling LOTS of pressure and menstrual like cramps too! And backache... Ohh and baby is moving Ike crazy! Sure hope she isn't flipping again! Seriously all this flipping so late in pregnancy! Only my kid LOL less than 3%??? LMBO she's one in a million alright!
Looking great ladies!!!!!! I totally forgot to post my 39 weeks pics last weèk, with all the drama lol So here they are, I haven't taken any bare belly pics but I got brave the other day LOL And our precious little diva OH MY! Those LIPS! I can.not.wait. To kiss them
Happy resurrection sunday!!!!! I had lots of cx last night and thought maybe but the stalled... but this morning was amazing! While in church DH & I both felt called to be baptized. So we stayed for the second service and were baptized together! It was amazing. We werent planning it but it was so meant to be! NOW baby can come
Oh man olivers mom that stinks!!! Hope things pick up soon
Thanks again ladies I slept SOOO amazing last night! 10 whole hrs without even moving! Yes i was so stiff this morning but felt so refreshed We went to harpers ferry today abd it was gorgeous! And we walk like 5.5 miles! Dh wore his pedometer. I had lots of cx. And the last 1.5 (on the way back to the car) they were really strong! People were staring at me and pointing like i might give birth right there lol dh thought it was funny, but i wanted to ask them if they...
Wooohoooo!!!!!! Happy birthing Oliver's Mom how exciting!!!!!!!!
She told me to stand in the shower with the warm/hot water on my breasts and belly and take my nipples between my thumbs and pointer fingers and pinch and twist (to comfort level) do this for one minute or until u feel a contraction. Wait 30/60 seconds and repeat. She said try to do this for 20 minutes or so or as long as comfort allows. I did it for abt 15 minutes and I got about 10 good strong "real" contractions. And a bunch of small ones but then I stopped cuz my nips...
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