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clovebucket,   I am so moved by your post. Thank you so much for sharing the details of such an intimate and special time. I've held you in prayer so many times over the past months and will continue to do so.   Thank you again for sharing!
Cograts Noahkat!!!! The pic of you and Elias is precious!!!!!
Jameson Philip was born at noon on November 15 via c section due to measuring big and my intuition. 8lbs. 14oz. , 21.5 inches long, 15" head circumference. Glad we went with the cs because there was a true knot in the cord and OB thinks it may have been a problem. CS recovery is no walk in the park and we are also dealing with jaundice and latch issues but baby is perfect and we are all in love !!!! CONGRATS to all Mamas!
Thinking of you, clovebucket.
Let's try this again from the desktop instead of the iPhone:  
Here I am last Friday at 38 weeks.
Best wishes 100%mom!!!!!!
Awwww, sweet baby girls !!! Congrats Mamas!!!!!!!!
CONGRATS Sparkle and Electrical!!!!!! SO happy for you both!!!!!
Hapersmion, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!   You are such a rock star for doing your own internal during labor!!!!!      Sparkle, I walked around for at least a week before DS and DD were born after losing my MP.....hang in there and I'm sending you best wishes!   Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for your support!!!!! Our little monkey is still breech or transverse. He goes back and forth and yes, I can typically tell when he's moving/flipping. It's usually during the...
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