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Start small as in a tea, dont infuse it for extended lengths of time, just like regular tea. Then if you feel okay, you can go with it. That was my midwife's advice to me
Turns out my fatigue WAS b/c of TSH levels, Im due any day with a singleton (:
Mountain Rose accepts checks- I bet if you called them they would work with you- maybe an international money order or something like that. As for when I started, it was at 6 weeks but in earnest at 20 weeks when I had built up a tolerance to it and it ceased making me crampy.
Does anyone know how to get a birth certificate after a home birth in Alabama?
This seems to depend on each individual woman. RRL is generally contraindicated for women who have a history of miscarriage. I don't have that history, but RRL infusion (steeping 4+ hours) gave me what felt like menstrual cramps in the first trimester, so I discontinued use and switched to nettle infusions until 20 weeks. However, my MW said that a regular ol cup of RRL tea steeped for 3 minutes is just fine in the first trimester. I didn't do that because I prefer iced...
What a relief that I am not the only one who feels so conflicted about possibly lying to my OB- who is incredibly sweet and wonderful as a person. Unfortunately, she and her entire practice and the hospital they deliver in are known here for the highest C-sec rate in the city and based on the probing questions I have asked her, she and I come from different worlds when it comes to normal birth. I have decided to just let the spirit move me (stay or go) and also logistics...
Oh, and interestingly enough: ive definitely noticed that when I have my regular yummy iced brew, I usually get BH (since week 32) right away and often before I finish the glass. The strong rrl brew I just had: not a one!!!
So I did a little experiment on myself in preparation for the strong infusion for labor because i knew that the proportions of the strong infusion would probably be unpalatable to me and I wanted to find a way to make it less disgusting!! So I steeped a half an ounce of RRL in one cup of water for 15 minutes: BLECH I added a tsp of honey: BLECH I added some cream and another tsp of honey: MEH. The tea has a lot of tannins in it, but the 2tsp honey plus cream made it...
Naturelle, I can only assume they meant dried because fresh is so seasonal. Also, one ounce of rrl looks like the same volume of herbs as I use for a quart of water and the recipe for labr-day tea only calls for half that, a pint, hence the strong brew.
Adding a half teaspoon of stevia leaf to your brew will improve the flavor by leaps and bounds-I highly recommend it!
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