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i keep false labouring  (like contractions 3-5 minutes apart.. back pain all sorts..) then stopping again..still having mucous plug coming out and sometimes bits of blood.. but seems ok for now.. altho seeing ob on mon to potentally talk about induction (im due may 9th)  congrats kate, philsbabymama and paceman so happy you all have healthy beautiful babys :) xxx
  took a better one this morning.. 36w4d .. and thankyou everyone.. i have had 2 deaths in a couple of weeks, and lots of stresss annd my back is falling to pieces but yes im doing ok .. just off to physio so hope they will fix me a bit! How are you all doing? loving the bellys xxx
<3 oh lisdea.. really hope they all can be back together soon and miles is doing better xxx
Looking extra fat after a roast dinner AND cakes lol.. however.. i FINALLY look properly pregnant.. no mistaking it for cake!! 36w4d!
backache and lots of trapped nerves-ouch!! tired and breathless (altho less breathless so maybe babys dropped a bit).. leakyish boobs, restlessness, swollen ankles, pooling, appetite is goin to almost zero again, struggling to remember to eat, feeling faint a lot, feeling sick a lot and generally feel like my body cant take much more! .. midwife says she hopes baby comes at 37/38 weeks for me as im so exhausted!! we shall seeeeeee
oh just seen this lisdea.. day after my bday :) hope they are doing well in nicu.. thinking of you lots, loads of love to you all, and look foreward to seeing some photos when your up to it xx
i keep losing jelly out of me.. is this the mucous plug? i lost loooads the other day..
  29w 6d.. getting bigger!! its going between this and then he curls up and goes into  a ball and is more stuck out.. im actually noww 32w3d.. its moving along pretty swiftly!!  
i think im finally set up :D hoorah.. lol i bought one pack of organic cotton newborn nappies and then the rest are reusables i have every type of nappie that ever existed in my house now lol and i just bought a job lot of waterproof covers on ebay tehe.. its quite exciting really! just to double check.. how do u prep the nappies? the ones i have are mainly all second hand, but there are a couple of new ones mixed in and i just got a £15 voucher for some new ones so will...
same.. lol i used to smoke but gave it up due to being preg.. but now i feel sick and cant breathe any time bf smokes anywhere near me (again obviously he doesnt smoke next to me but my nose is SO sensitve to it!
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