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my newest symptom aswell as worsening of blackouts is bringing up huge mouthfuls of sick-yum.. and kidneys aer being a pest (another infection :S YUK!) and therefore all my odema is on my hips (damn wheelchair makes it all pool there) and keep going in and out of retention/wee is full of ketones so body is obviously dehydrated no matter how much i drink! argh.. bodys!! got a tubigrip for my hips today, they had to give me a rugby player thigh one as the one they tryed to...
i have really awful hip pain.. and i sleep with a pillow between my legs, a long thin pillow under my tummy/chin that i sortve hug.. i then put a man behind me who shares the leg pillow (helps support me lol) and then 2 pillows under my head, bottom one is normal pillow and angled under my back up, the top one is memory foam and angled down towards my face a bit more.. and then if there is no man i shove pillows behind my bum and back too.. i also sleep in an si belt and...
quinalla-lol my poor bf says i snore constantly too.. poor thing.. i never used to snore.. but i wake myself up snoring nowadays.. yuk!  
Lol taken in the public toilets today ;) 31 weeks exactly   and bending back a bit/holding my dress so i look pregnant tehe.. nah only joking i look pregnant now finally (at 7months lol..) just not very pregnant yet.. maybe by full term ;)  
alll week ive had reallllly loose poo.. (im chronically impacted) then tonight i had proper stomach pain and diarhorrea.. i think there is more too but yuk.. bit worried as ive had tightening and lots of ouches around my tummy so i keep getting massively paranoid im gonna go into prem labour and thats what this is about.. also worried because bf is in london so not great timing really.. urg we will see.. fingers crossed i wont ..
i think i just checked mine right.. there was sortve some ridges.. and i could fit one finger in.. but then there was more room above to fit maybe another 1 or 2 fingers.. it was soft.. but felt a bit stretched within the centre.. im not entirely sure i was doing it right.. but this would be my guess.. what does all this mean?
Yes I think your probably right but family urg its the fact they are trying to share something with me which I quite honestly don't want to share with them!! I am quite happy to not block them out (which is a big step for me as I completely cut them out for about 10 years) but this is too much!!
Today is a weird one.. It is the day I was due to be born (so the point I realis my bday is in 3 weeks-eek!!) it is my sisters bday.. I am exactly 7 months pregnant (worked out from counting months from last period way).. It's also 7 months since my last miscarriage.. And 7 months since all the chaos that surrounded that.. An it is my lovely friend who hung herself nearly 5years she's birthday.. Hard day.. Day of things to come.. Day of celebration.. So many things for one...
Ps. I love story and Alice naeryn is my favourate quinalla .. My cousin is Alice Cathleen I think.. I like that sort structure for an Alice name x
Well I had picked a name.. But I accidentally let slip at Christmas as that name as a possiblilty but that I absolutely was not deciding until baby was born.. And they told everyone the name and now everyone refers to him as it and I absolutely HATE it!! It is genuinely driving me mad.. It feels like such an infringement of personal space and now has ruined the name for me.. Urg.. Anyway me n bf have some nice new ideas.. But was wondering if any of u had any unusual...
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