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I'm also on 19lbs weight gain so far.. Damn it!! Do u have mug of a bump?Damn vendin machines and there extortionate attempt at ripping off pregnant women Kimble-I thought that at first but then I started dreaming about chocolate and not being able to concentrate on anything because chocolate was calling.. I called for a takeaway in the middle of he night just to get chocolate ice cream as I'd held of 3 days and just couldn't handle it any more.. Perhaps it's a calcium thing?
Quinalla- Thankyou will look into it Farmer-mmmm melon.. I keep craving too it but winter melons are rubbish Amanda-hehe I could really do skittles now.. Our boys are gonna have sweet toothsome.. I mite have to have cadburys cream egg in a minute.. Mmm .. Trying to resist but don't think I can
Other mother.. Your belly is good for 18 weeks even with extra bloating.. Mine still doesn't get that big n I'm 24!! Do not fret looking at the other threads u have the belly shape which will suddenly bloom!! Jess-agreed, got major belly envy Kimble-I saw hers early on (when I was lurking a month or so ago and wondered that.. I think mines slitely more rounded but smaller then hers do I'm still holding out hope for a sudden basketball belly, but it has made me realised...
oo that mite be a good idea then.. thankyou :)  
 close one (24 weeks)   further away .. i think my tummys gone down this week.. i let go of a lot of my water retention, and wonder if thats why it looks that way? not sure..
What is rrlt and what are the benefits? Ok all I want right now is chocolate and or cocoa pops.. I have neither!! I never knew an urge Fo something could be this strong.. It's genuinely consuming my mind!!!
Can I ask what sortve shoPs goodwill and target are? More out of curiosity then anything else x
I think I forgot to update on here edd 9th may (boy)
Thought it could be nice to share plans ideas or inspiration for nurserys.. My oh wants to go all out on a jungle/pirate theme.. We shall see how far we take if but it should look pretty cool if he pulls it off.. What are your ideas or plans .. Also perhaps we could post pictures which are our inspiration or could be others? Approaching the 3rd trimester makes it all feel a little real and overwhelming so perhaps this thread could help ground us all.
If people don't mind the cost of mailing to uk.. I don't mind sending to us.. Could be a nice thing to do and am happy to bulk the numbers of a bit but don't wanna put everyone out by makin it expensive!
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