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ok so 18 weeks (ish) i think it mite be 18w2d first one..     and then 19 w1d ( im now 19w4d)   Finally getting a belly altho it comes and goes a lot still(and im v constipated again) , my boobs and belly have made a definate appearance in the last week or 2.. noone can tell with my clothes on still tho.. i wreckon by the end of jan i will be showing to randoms.. for now still a lot of people dont know.
thankyou everyone.. has been a bit of a crazy couple of weeks.. me n my ex are trying again (hes been sorting himself out and really turned a bit of a corner) so i've been stuck in honeymoon period mixed with being knackered... hope your all doing well :)  
awww your bnellys are all so lovely.. im 19 weeks today, will post my 18 and 19week pics later :)
all my friends are like.. " where is the baby" every time they look at my tummy hehe.. im 18 weeks (in one minute) and still barely showing, my p.a told me today he didnt think i'd show for another month.. rubbish.. when i found out i was going to be in cornwall around 20/21 weeks for christmas i thought i was gonna be huge and it'd be really hard lol.. but so far im still wearing normal clothes (except when im trying to feel morepregnant or am being too lazy for buttons...
ooo i have been getting braxton hicks lots too, and nausea on/off still, indigestion, heartburn,weeing is being incomplete and then seeming to want to havea quick burst more, and the another, and then another.. argh cant stand it when body does that.. so annoying, boobs have grown even bigger and are really sore, have been really sniffly, bleeding gums, spd, joint pain generally, dizzyness,ehaustion, backache.. bloating, swollen ankles and hips (i sit down all the time...
last scan they tryed to look to find out the sex but baby was cuddling my bladder with its back to the scanner and had its legs crossed.. However there was a split second where they sonographers stopped and looked excitably at the screen and couldnt decide if whilst the baby moved an inch they could see boy parts or not ;) so ealy indications suggest a boy.. but we shall seeee... :D
for those who have been feeling for a while, have any of you had other people able to feel the baby or visibly see it move? i can tell position babys lying in all the time now, and its so funny when it changes, sometimes it sticks its bum out and i get a little bump for abit, then it cuddles my bladder again and bump is gone ;) hehe.. ive had a few people feel my belly and theyve been able to feel the baby movetho.. its nice for me as my preg isnt very visible some...
last  scan showed a much better result.. *phew* dont really understand how it works.. but if the next result is good i should be able to get less frequent scans :) (ive had to have them 2 weekly-eek!) thankyou for replying, i feel a lot better after the last scan, i was reallllly panicking myself about everything!
So i've had a bit of a weird few weeks.. i have been spending a lot of time with some friends who are just wonderful.. and so supportive.. an ive sortve fallen into seeing one of them.. its nothing too serious at the moment (altho its clear he likes me more then just a little bit, hes being cautious with the whole pregnancy thing) but i guess its just lovely to have someone giving a damn about me. I didnt tell him about the pregnancy at first (because i didnt expect it...
Bailey, are you double jointed? sounds like u had an attack of bendyitis.. gastroparesis, slow transit, water retention, and kidney probs are all symptoms that come hand in hand with ehlers-danlos syndrome and dysautonomia.. mite be worth looking into..
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