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strange my physio (yes thats the same as a PT in america we call them physiotherapists over here) said it was odd that i found crossing my bad leg over my less bad leg more comortable as many cant because of it.. but i think its because my hypermobility is soooo extreme (i score 9/9 plus allthe extra bonus points on the beighton score, and can do all extra easy at that!) its a bit different.. i now have to pick my hips up to turn as just rolling knocks alignment out, i...
My physio did the same adjustment.. So u mite do better finding a physio under you insurance?
I'm 27weeks 2 days and 89 days to go according to my preg ap! Craziness .. Ongoing 30.. That sounds really nearly giving birth!!! Scary!
Oo good plan .. PayPal would be handy for me due to not being in us!
Also was gettin really really bad stayin at bfs house.. But he had a futon.. Back in my house I have memory foam mattress and omg .. It's still awful but soo much less awful then it was!! So if U can get at least a memory foam topper that mite help!! There's various manipulations physios and Chiros can do to release the joint.. The advice is generally see a physio ASAP to stop worsening of symptoms , and chance of it continuing after birth!
My spd physio said the same but squeezing my own fist or putting something in between my legs.. Also sortve stronger version of pelvic floor squeezing can click the pubic none a little more straight if yur really struggling.. I sortve go on all 4s (ouch) and then keeping hands and knees on floor I sortve angle my right side of my body/hip etc forewards, then do it with my left aswell I find this can help when I'm pinching something
I thought this could be a good thread for those who have spd or general pelvic/lower back pain to post advice excersises etc.
T hank you all.. Sorry I've been a little quiet, has been a another long hard week.. However some nice bits .. Bf had his daughter over this w e and that was lovely.. I took them for Sunday lunch at a posh bistro pub. I had roadt chicken this time, bfs dd had pork (with crackling) and bf had beef.. Then I got us all Yorkshire puddings as I know them in there .. Then me n bfs dd had apricot and choc Eton mess for desert-yum! Made a nice change from my bedroom that's for...
I'm high risk of this with my condition (my tissue is generally more fragile, membranes inclided ) so I keep getting paranoid with this too.. Jus before my bleed I felt I'd lost too much fluid but in my case I think it's watery wee leaking out (yum) anyway I as worrying but ended up in anyway with the bleed so I was able to get reassurance that way.. I agree instincts tend to be worrying for a reason even if that reason isn't what u think it is .. Hope u hear from mw...
Me too.. I eat and eat and eat and never fill satiated- are all u people who are starving expecting boys by any chance?
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