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I'm glad I'm not the only confused one// it's so hard knowing what to plan For when its your first!!
I'm not sure if its a craving bit all I want to eat is pancakes ATM .. That, chocolate and fruit.yumm.. I'm worried tho at how bad my sugar cravings are getting, a friend of mine just got banned from sugar for rest of her preg .. If that happened to me right now I think I'd cry .. But sometimes sugar cravings are a bad sign I think.. So hoping next wee sample is clear.. Plus we have gf tests at 28 weeks here ( so soon) .
bf is in a battle trying to get to see his boys atm and he has just got somewhere.. and at the same time im pregnant.. they live in a different city, which makes it ok generally, but tommorrow im goin out with bf n his daughter.. but his daughter also doesnt know because she mite say something which could get back and cause problems.. so yes.. just not the right time for them to find out. Wish i could share it with her tho as i think that would be wonderful to do, shes at...
i think i slept in a drawer on my first night.. im trying so hard to write my list but struggling a little.. i just cant believe the time scale we have ahead of us.. its getting so close but somehow feels so far away!!
well im not really atm.. bf's not in a good headspace plus we're being careful due to bleeding and general preg complications.. so feel like im getting extra fat and weak atm ;) howevre when we do have sex.. ;) haha.. rabbits comes to mind.. im so nervous about the post birth time where sex becomes much more difficult :P  
ive been feeling this kind of tickly itching in all my shoulders/neck/arms.. its makingme  all twitchy.. driving me mad.. wonder if thats all the dodgy nerves getting squished up.. babys kicking me in the stomach/lungs/ribs quite regularly now (also like the cervix punch me and punch the inside of my hips (mite be the other way round) .. im definately immediately dizzy from sitting forewards or lying propped up forewards (i.e on my back) its mad how quick everything goes...
oh no im soooo paranoid as i cant do much excersise wise.. i stop having sex for a week and i put on weight because its probably the only excersise i get other then my physio.. but my physios all core stuff.. they dont let me swim.. im not allowed/faint doing anything aeroibic.. i really need to stop eating chocolate! Im really swollen today and tommorrow im hopefully (if i dont pass out)  going for lunch with bf and his daughter so i have to hide my bump.. normally...
nstewart- thankyou :) i think its prob from sitting up too much, am now mainly on bedrest for a week to see if thast helps.. see what becomes of it..
Thankyou everyone.. im on bedrest for now, will see if that calms stuff down, i was nearly on it before but i keep tryimg to do stuff despite being knackered.. being stuck in bed is boring.. watching lots of rubbish tv .. need to find some stuff to keep me occupied!! Altho feel like i have too much to do to be doing nothing.. im gonna give it a week and then try again!! see what happens.. Bailey-argh i really relate.. sending you loads of love i know jhow stressful it...
im up 21lbs (maybe 22 now) at 26 weeks... also all on my hips thighs (not good when your stuck in a wheelchair) i think a lot of the weight is fluid.. but still.. :S yuk!
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