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Haha same.. It's so scary tho we could literally go into labour any minute from now ( I mean less likely soon but still give it a month and the likelihood increases) scares the hell outve me and my lack of preparedness!!
You can take old fashioned pirion (chlorphenamine) I get lots of allergies and have taken it my whole preg x
Using maths 40/3=13.333(.) 13.333(.)x2=26.666(.) so I guess that's the logical answer?!
Oh and baby kicked the hell out of my ribs this morning!! (At least he's moving!)
I think 3rd tri is officially somewhere between 26 and 27 weeks.. Some things say I'm already in it but I'm 25w5d so nearly I think I will count from 2nd feb when I'm officially 6months (rathe then the pretend 6months everyone assumes occurs at 24 weeks tehe) oh and yes to cramps and carpal tunnel aswell forgot those!! Also tonnes of chest pains and breathlessness!!
Yes altYes well I've had multiple 1st tri miscarriages (+1 we now think was about 14 weeks) my boobs have been looking like they have white dots in them for a while but squeezing did nothing, then the other day weird clear and whitey fluid coming out.. Such an incredible thing really.. To produce food!Bailey-I'm doin the same just too many sweets and junk food.. I was 105lbs at the beggining and I'm now 123 (ish) ..again being underweight to start I just are what I...
im taking a magneesium with zinc supplement and when i remember vit c.. i feel like ive had a virus for forever.. but not sure if its just the dysautonomia now combined with congestedness of pregnancy.. feel really run down tho..  
So we are all heading into trimester 3 (yay :S not) heres a place for us to discuss our 3rd trimester symptoms   so far i have had REALLY low blood pressure, and lots of dizzyness/blackouts, worsening of my dysautonomia im anaemic getting burpy/heartburny a lot a bit of very light incontinence id say (but only when bladders very full very strong braxton hicks with back pain spd-ouch! swollen ankles,face everything (especially hips as im in a...
I stole this from feb ddc.. but it seems like a really good idea seeming as we are all entering the 3rd trimester now!! (3 months til babys get here)  and i guess my scare has made me even more aware that i need to get moving (especially with the fact that my stamina has become almost zero).. so here we write our to do lists for the next 3 months.. and perhaps we can remember some of the things we have forgotton by looking at other peoples lists andswipe them off as we...
hehe you look more pregnant then me and im 9th may!! ha.. :P have u had an ultrasound? (recently i mean.. obviously u had an early one..)
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