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I dont know about free online stories but Waldorf bookstores hav slots of stories. Hav eyou looked put Waldorf reading list or gone to rudolf Steiner college bookstore online?
I love Waldorf festivals. The Michaelmas festival is traditionally celebrated on sept 29th. It is all about harvest and saying good night to the summer, welcome the cooler weather, bring in the Michaelmas energy into your home. He is the angel of courage and stength that helps you in the winter months. Make dragons with bees wax or paper machet. Make harvest foods and bread in the shape of a dragon. Cook on a fire or Coles BBQ. Field games tha t support courage and...
Not every family or child is cut out for Waldorf and that's okay Give it a try and go here your heart is:shy
I had my baby 3 weeks ago and on day 5 I had a drop in hormones and got really sad, cried over everything. Seeing my husband walk in the room, nursing. My baby, hearing a song etc. I told my midwife but never got any real support from her. 3 days later ....after taking herbs, homeopathics, lots of water and lots of tears, it went away.
I used st johns, sam e, rescue remedy, white willow bark, pulsatilla, magnesium, really good diet, lots of water and support from family. It's so hard. Sending u love:joy:o
I want to start a play group.:treehugger
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