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Hi I posted 9/13/2012  The fact that this discussion is still going on tells us there is a whole lot of feelings around this topic. Seems it is difficult to move on. My only wish is that the children aren't at risk. People will always say crazy things. We can't change them  except they read some of these posts:)
yes to all said Over the years I realize that we rely so much on speech. the words we use. and the positive word does not seem to come easily. It takes some thinking to always come up with a positive way of saying it. Encouragement . That's the key. As you said it's over and over again but always with a new little something of encouragement. If toddlers especially did not have us to try out their new tricks, words, facial expressions on, what would they do. Also they...
I love this. I never underestimate godparents. Especially when they see their position as something important. Children seem to love to have relatives with different names and responsibilities. Don't know if you have noticed this
I was thinking that perhaps this communication problem really brings out the need for not taking things for granted. I know it's past now  but... (smile) In most cultures, the man is the head of the household and trust me it means the head. There might be attempts to have joint decisions but these are not usually in the area that one might expect. However, the examples you give seem a little intense and sound as if they could do with a little discussion? 
I want to commend  merpk Mama Fae for this. Acronyms have now taken over. We are in so much of a rush. The total list was 1070. Can yu imagine! No wonder I am not feeling guilty about not keeping up!
I am for good ice cream. Baked goods make me feel guilty. Devon House Stout ice cream!! made with Guinness stout....no comparison
I agree with Queen Jane and in general the comments being made about differing parenting styles. I wouldn't say anything to her right out as it might strain your relationship. Why not lessen the play times together. And incorporate some of the suggestions re how to explain to your little fellow the way to say sorry. Sounds as if he is not getting much of a chance to learn how to say sorry etc so it might be good to move along into a new relationship with other children.
Thanks Queen Hope to make some useful comments
Hi I called myself doctoreleanor as that's what would fit as eleanor is gone and I am a retired prof in social work. Joining because I want to talk mothering as I have had my share. Now writing about parenting. One Love
Very distressing. Agree totally that race is a social construct and therefore loaded with society's' biases  I am new to this forum so adding my comment anyway. Racist comments are racist comments. That's all they are. What is implied is that the dominant community is what we are comparing with. And that is the white community. If the child was mixed Asian the comparison would still be to white communities. Unnecessary. Every child is beautiful. Time to move on. Next...
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