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I'm  planning/ hoping for UC myself here is a website I found that's has lots of herbs, teas ,and tincture's  and it tells you there uses....http://herblore.com/service/home.php
Thank you for your Help.
Wow  congrats, I live in SS Maryland DH in birthing center in 09 but I'm planning a uc for Feb God willing I cant do the hour trips for prenatal and I'm worried about storms in Feb that may prevent me from making it to the birthing center in Annapolis, Hopefully I can find a HB midwife before then all the midwives Ive found so far are not taking anymore client for Feb...keep me in prayer I'm 39 expecting #6 do really wanna uc but I fear  hospital birth more I'm seeing a...
Hey everyone just wanna know good books, website  to do uc research  things like what to do for some birth complications already registered to take an infant resuscitation class this will be baby #6, 4 natural births 1 epidural all vaginal and complication free just wanna be on the safe side this is a big step I do plan on having a close friend there for the birth. need to know what supplies to get to stop bleeding just in case ...gonna order a home birthing kit I know I...
Thank you
hello i was wondering what DD DS DH all those things what do the mean?
Wow amazing Hope my uc goes as well
These replys give me hope I'm planning a uc witch may become a oops us because my last two labors were 1 hour and 2 hours I want a home birth but here in Maryland it seems impossible to find a midwife thats not gonna empty my piggy bank lol I have state insurance that ill use to go to OB care with then ill make the decision at the last minute expecting number 6,  4 were natural and one epidural 4 hospital births and one birth center birth I loved that one I just hated...
Hello  every one   I'm 19 weeks looking for home birth midwife in MD  had my last one at special beginnings in 10/09  it was the best birth ever so far its just so far from my home 33 miles ugg.  HELP ANYONE at the point I'm planning UC or laboring at home until 8cm I don't want to go to holy cross who doesn't allow midwives birthing privileges. 
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