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  As an admittedly dogmatic sciency person, who hangs out with lots of other dogmatic sciency people, I have to say that I find this explanation, particularly the top quote, really interesting. I don't often get to hear why it is that science makes people frustrated.   I would argue, however, that skeptics are more open-minded than they seem -- science is willing to consider lots of different types of treatments (assuming they have *some* basis, as prosciencemum says, in...
Okay, no one yell at me, but I learned something from Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. There's some pretty harsh CIO in there (and it's HORRIBLY written, egad!), but the important take-away is that "sleep begets sleep." His argument is that the more overtired the baby gets, the less easy it will be to sleep and the cycle just gets worse and worse. The advice that we took from the book was to never let DD be awake for more than two hours without attempting to soothe her...
My hair started falling out suddenly at about four months PP. Like, leaving big enough piles for people to slip on. It stopped just as suddenly about a month later after I had my hair cut and thinned with the thinning shears.  
Thanks for the welcome!   Am I missing something, though? I am looking at the link you sent and it shows 4985 hospitals, 1013 of which are for-profit. That comes to 20%.  
This is simply untrue. Less than 20 percent of hospitals are for-profit organizations. The rest are either government-funded, and operate at a loss, or are non-profit and therefore legally unable to make a profit.
I signed up just to reply to this because it makes me sad on your son's behalf. First, anyone who has been trained as a teacher should know that you never talk for more than ten minutes before moving the students on to an activity. Second, all procedures (lining up, raising hands, putting supplies away) need to be actively taught, and it usually takes a couple of weeks and a LOT of repetition before students get it right. I used to teach *high school* and I followed...
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