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What do you mean "the fact that it bled" makes you not worry about tetanus? My dd recently cut her foot on a sliced up beer can in the garden and it bled like crazy. I took her for a shot because the can was old and rusty, so this is a situation I found myself in too. Is there something I'm missing? I'd rather not be rushing off to the ER if another one of my kids gets cut while barefoot outside, but I don't have anything to use as a safety gauge. I'm sure the beer can...
I wondered.....I was always confused as a child though because the town next door to us is called Davenport. I thought maybe she got all her couches there....or something. Thanks.
Not my parents, but my Grandma has weird ways of saying things. She will yell at us to get our feet off the Davenport and she says she's going to the grocer. My sister and I crack up behind her back and then we try really hard to use some of her sayings in real life. I've often wished for a pen and a pad of paper on hand to jot down all of her awesome sayings while we are there visiting her. Anyone know why a couch used to be called a Davenport? I'm really curious.
She sounds really unhappy. I bet this has more to do with her than your other sister being pregnant.
She's going to get the detector tomorrow. I'm on the phone with her right now and she just done saying "Don't you think my baby chickens would be dead if I have a Carbon monoxide leak?". (They live under a heat lamp in the living room right now.) How the he** would I know........lol.
Every time I saw the title to your thread It would bring to mind my brother in law who is studying to be a male midwife. The thought crossed my mind that you might be talking about him. I finally made myself click open the thread, and omg.....you ARE in Portland too! Now I'm really curious if it's him lol. His name is Pat. If it is him, I wouldn't want him at my birth either. Jk.....Jk..... I actually wouldn't mind one bit if he saw me give birth.
Seriously? I'll call her now. So my sister's not home and I left a message with my niece. She said that their new rental place-the old farm house dosen't even have smoke detectors, and so she's assuming if the landlord is that out dated, they might not have ever had the carbon levels checked either. I bet my sister will be rushing out to get a tester and I'll update you. Thank you for the heads up!
P.S. Beth told me that when her husband first saw the girl in their home, the two of them got really into the show Psychic Kids.  Just like you guys! I feel like all of MDC's consciousness merged into Beth and came to our rescue.
I don't know why I bother trying to get on the computer.......I've got to make this quick because babies need me. When I was pregnant with the twins, a friend of mine got a new job that she loved working for the school district. The woman who shares  an office with her, works for another company, and basically she works with children from 0-5 and helps them with anything that might be going on in their lives- like learning letters, hearing checks etc.... I was...
Hey Mama......I need more info! Did you tell your parents, were you scared, did you ever sleep in your own room again, where did you see him, fill me in! I can't even think what else to ask you. just tell me more. I also have an update, but I'm on my iPad again, so it will have to wait until I can type it out on the comp. it's a good update.
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