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This letter is to all the annoying/rude/silly/insensitive Trimet riders I've seen in 2006: To the man clear at the other end of the MAX train: You were yelling at your girlfriend so loudly (and with liberal use of the F-word), I could hear you loud & clear. Apparently, she's dumping you because she thinks you cheated on her. If you always speak like that in public, you wouldn't have even got a first date with me. To the teenage girl on the bus (who didn't stop...
We have a story about my great-grandfather and a weird experience in the Southern Washington Cascade Mtns. He didn't actually see anything, but it sure freaked him out. When G-Gpa retired from the forest service, he made a living packing hunters, campers, ect. into the mountains. He had good pack horses, and lots of experience in the woods. One day, he was with a man who was writing a book about the Indian Heaven Wilderness Area. They had stopped at a meadow for lunch,...
I live in Hillsboro (another suburb of Portland), and work in the tech industry making about $11.50/hr. Rent for our 2be/1ba triplex is $650/mo, which includes garbage. What I like the most about living in PDX is the public transportation. Trimet will get me almost anywhere I need to be. The only time I really drive is if I'm going out of town.
In my family, we always said, "Gesundheit." And the sneezer always said, "Thank you."
Is it loud & hard? Soft & dainty? Do you sneeze once, or several times in a row? Do you sneeze in public, or stifle it? My sneezes are always loud & hard. They sort of sound like, "Aaack-CHEW-aah!" I always laugh to myself when I see women who have these tiny little sneezes: : "k-chew, k-chew" : I always think, "How can you do anything productive with one of those?" I usually sneeze just once. My Dad & sister always sneeze several times in a row. I think my...
Thanks! We will! I still can't figure out who this guy was, though. He may have been some kind of promotional figure, or something, but my gosh. Who just hands out $262 worth of "Lets make someone happy"? Heh. I guess I shouldn't be questioning it so much. I'd just love to know what his reasoning was.
So DH & I are waiting for our order at the Pizza Schmizza next to Pioneer Courthouse Square (in Portland), and a man walks up to DH. The conversation is as follows: Man: "Excuse me, Sir?" DH: "Yes?" Man: "I'd like to thank you for supporting the team." (Indicates the Trailblazer jacket DH is wearing.) "Here are a couple tickets to tomorrow night's game." DH: "Thank you!" Man walks away. This man just handed DH two tickets, worth $131 each, to tomorrow's...
Quote: Originally Posted by elmh23 I've done the baking soda/vinegar combination followed by boiling water when dh was out of town. Worked great! This is what I always do. Pour in a ton of baking soda, enough vinegar to create a nice explosion, let it bubble & fizz while your water is heating, and pour a big kettle or pot of boiling water right on top of the drain. It's never failed.
Oh, cool! I certainly learned something new from that site. I had no idea there was a deer that looked like this, until I saw it's skull. Chinese Water Deer
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