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The quick details: Transferred from a birth center to a homebirth midwife at 30 weeks. Prodromal labor starting at 40 weeks. 7 hour labor at 42+6, homebirth of 11 lb 12 oz baby boy. Shoulder dystocia, Gaskin Manuver, no tears!   Now for the really long version… (Don’t expect excellent writing - I’m one day PP! Zephyr is asleep on my chest in a ring sling as I’m typing)   I started out at a birth center because I knew hospitals weren’t a right fit for me but I had some...
I have a group on Facebook that is dedicated to discussing introversion and extroversion in parenting, either how i/e effects us as parents or how i/e effects our kids. Come join us if you're so inclined: https://www.facebook.com/groups/IandEparents/
Our kids call us by our names. They just picked it up from other people calling us by our names. They use mommy and daddy as nicknames. We never encouraged it or discouraged it but I do like it. It shows that we're equals as human beings, all inherently worthy of respect. Also, if our kids were to get lost they'd know what our names are instead of just mommy/daddy (they're 4 and 2). Even as an adult I'm not comfortable using my parents' names and that kinda bugs me. When...
Aaand I shared this on Facebook. If you need a link to the post I can get the when I get on my computer (vs my phone which I'm on now).
I'd like to see some posts about introverts and extroverts. Our family is introverted parents and our kids are one of each. Homeschooling the introvert comes naturally but the extrovert likes to talk and strange, scary things like that. ;p Tips on making the experience honor and respect the orientation of the parents and children, intro and extro alike, would be good to see.
Wow! Typos! Typed from my phone. I'll edit it when I get out of my wonderfully relaxing bath from where I'm surfing Mothering on my phone
Yes! To all that! I need my atheist group, that tiny respite from the heavily Christian society. It doesn't mean that I don't live my Chrisyian friends, but nothing can replace my atheist group. It's a crunchy mana atheist group at that! It's my respite from mainstream society in general It's my home. It's where I belong, where I'm understood. I can vent freely in there and not worry about offending someone (those most people wouldn't bat an eye at offending me). I know...
"What do you like for homeschooling?" "You don't need anything!" "It might deter people" "I question the societal implications behind the wording of this question" Ah you critical-thinking Mothering hippies. I love you
Atheist homeschooler here
My first two are two years and a day apart. We talked about the baby and read books about new babies and watched birth videos and visited other babies. We talked about what would change and what it'll be like to have a new baby in the house. She was pretty excited and took to him immediately. We bedshared and they tandem nursed so there weren't any drastic changes. This time we're we're doing all that but we're also referring to the baby by name.
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