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Storygirl that is a delightful post! What great pictures that show off her personality!
Yay sunshine! So happy your little one finally arrived and you are all well! Congratulations!
Thank you for sharing your story! Sounds like Rowan had a great start to his life.
Scruffy. That is an epic story!! You are amazing for making it through it all, and obviously also grew a very healthy little boy who could withstand everything as well. The ambulance ride sounds hideous, but I'm so glad you were treated so well by everybody. I love the picture of the three of you. Well done, mama.
Congrats MrsBerkeley! And hooray for having a great birth!
Yay velveeta! Congratulations!!
Thank you everyone! More to come later when we get this new parent thing figured out. His name is Zephyr Glenn, and he was 8 lbs 14 oz.
Ah, MrsBerkeley, you're still here too! And filiadeluna! Here's hoping we have our babies soon!   Here's me also on Saturday, at 41+1. I don't know how much lower this baby can go before it pops out!    
I'm not sure about Meggsy - I haven't been around much either, just because I haven't been feeling much like being on the computer. All these false maybe-I'm-having-a-baby starts and stops sure get distracting!   And velveeta, did you have your baby??   MrsBerkeley?   My home-birth midwives can go to 42 weeks 3 days before I have to transfer to hospital care for the birth. I'm 41+5 today. My Mom has been in town for 11 days now, expecting to have been helping...
Congratulations to all the new mamas and babies!    Guess who's still here?!?!? At 41+5! Thought I'd give you all a little update since we were thinking I'd have a baby by now.   We really all did think the baby was coming Saturday night. Contractions got down to 3-4 minutes apart, made me concentrate a little more, but never got HARD. Sigh. When midwives came and checked me out on Sunday, the one who did the cervical check could actually feel three of the baby's...
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