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Seriously, just reading these makes my skin crawl. I have had 5 babies, and only the last two were natural. The first time I hit transition, I though the tub was too hot and I needed to get out. SO I did and pushed the baby out on the bed. Second time, the labor went MUCH faster and almost as soon as I got in the tub, I felt like I was too hot and wanted to get out. I literally lose all control in transition. It's enough for me not to want to have anymore kids. If I do get...
for people to say that they are being induced for the baby's size. I know a lday on another board who asked for advise re over 10lb babies. We talked b/c I have had three over 10lbs. I advised against the induction siting lung and nursing issues. Not to even mention birth trauma and everything. And then, you guessed it. Induced at 37 weeks due to "large size." Baby weighed 8lbs and was in the NICU for a week or so due to lung problems. And the baby is not nursing well....
I pretty much had the same story as turtlewomyn with my 3rd baby. Unfortunately it was too late for my supply. We finally ended bfing at 9 months but had we not clipped the tongue I know we wouldn't have made it that far. We clipped at 3 mos with just some topical oragel.
Have any of you ever used one? I am suspecting strep but my dd was just on antibiotics and they obviously didn't work. I am treating it at home with things mentioned here but I am thinking maybe I should get the tests and actually know if they have it or not.
I am so sorry to hear this. I will definitely be praying for the whole family.
Vivian is 10 days old. She was 10lbs 14.4oz at birth and when we went to the ped on Thursday, she was 10.7. I think nursing is going well. Even though this is my 5th baby, I still don't have nursing down. I do feel like it's better this time than ever before. But she is just nursing a lot and I am getting pretty sore. She is a very mild mannered baby but I think she has a dairy allergy. She is very gassy and we have had nights where she was up every hour. That is very...
Vivian Mae Born Dec 14, 2006 8:12am 10lbs 14.4oz 21 in long Hospital birth with very little intervention. She's perfect!
Quote: Originally Posted by Cuau This one was hilarious, a friend asked "Have you had any contractions yet" wow!!! I just said no and turned away, she is not even my "friend" she is just someone I see every now and then. How ignorant!! As if you're going to have one contraction and the baby is going to fly out!!
We get this too. From my parents and from his subtly. This is our 5th child (one of whom passed away shortly after birth.) But the last 4 have been back to back. I have decided that i don't really care anymore if they want us to have more or not. I was worried to tell them we were pregnant but that's just silliness on my part. Children are a gift from God. All of them. And it's really none of their business. I wouldn't be rude about it but I would and have just said that...
I just went through the drive thru at McDonalds : and the lady says, "When are you going to have your baby?" I don't even have a good come back for that one.
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