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Few things to fellow LB or Leapforce internet assessors:Do not hurry to submit below average times on your tasks as it lowers the average time for the tasks and doesn't reward you in anyway. You get rewarded only for quality of your tasks(check moneymakergroup.com forum for that information).Second and more important here is a lesson to learn from my bad experience with LB:Unpleasant surprise I've discovered after first time checking my salaries for last 4 months in...
Been working for more then a year already, and 8 minute tasks take around 3-2 minutes. Try to to practice on training tasks in portal. And read up the learning material.
  Its a side job, you should do fine. Was working as student and another job at same time with google and no problems.
Hi, 1.use some timer software, search Google for stopper or alarm software... I use free stop watch. 2. Use minutes for time sheet, and don't hesitate to ask support for questions they are friendly and helped me always without problem.
New Posts  All Forums: